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Why Is Time Management Important? 2 Influencers Share Their Views

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Whether we’re good at it or not, time management is an area of our lives that we can’t avoid. We need to learn how to manage time in order to get things done, organize ourselves, and so on. There’s no doubt that time management is very important. Now, maybe you’re asking yourself, “Why is time management important?” We thought you could benefit from hearing the answers of two influencers to this question. That’s why we’ve decided to share their views on the purpose of time management with you. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Time management is not a peripheral activity or skill. It is the core skill upon which everything else in life depends. – Brian Tracy

Why Is Time Management Important? 2 Experts Weigh In

#Because You Need Balance in Your Life

Extremely famous author, professional speaker, and personal success expert Brian Tracy has done a lot of writing on the importance of time management. One of the most important ideas that he puts forth, and that we wanted to discuss today, is that of a need for balance. People need to balance their life if they want to be entirely satisfied with it. Tracy identifies two types of time, hard time and soft time. Hard time is represented by work, while soft time is represented by the activities that you do with the people close to you.

There’s a tendency, Tracy says, to sacrifice soft time in favor of hard time. How many times have you worked after hours because you felt you just had to finish a certain project, thus spending less time with your family and friends? If the answer is too many times, then you understand how that can become a problem. Properly managing time can help you balance your career and your personal life. All you have to do is ask yourself a couple of questions.

For example, consider what the most important thing to you truly is. Then, ask yourself which of the things you do bring you the most satisfaction and are the most valuable. Finally, before choosing between hard time and soft time activities, think what the best way in which you could be spending your time at that very moment is. These time management related questions are going to help you balance your life.

#Because It Will Help You Feel Less Stressed

Most people dread not being able to organize their time and constantly think about what they have to do next and when, not to mention whether or not they have the time to do it. Marketing and technology advisor Kendall Matthews explains that people who don’t have control over time management will end up feeling overwhelmed and stressed. That’s because they have no idea what to expect, and this is putting a strain on their mental health.

If you were to learn how to manage your time, you wouldn’t feel as stressed. Moreover, you would learn how to approximate the amount of time you’re going to need for a specific task, as well as get a clearer picture of the entire situation.

We’re definitely inspired by these two extensive answers provided to the question “Why is time management important?” by today’s experts, Brian Tracy and Kendall Matthews. We hope you feel the same way!

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Author: Amanda Knowles