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Why the Why Is Important in Starting a Business


Starting off a business is similar to sailing the seas. It is just you and the liquid dessert and nothing else. If you don’t know where you are heading, you might end up going in circles. You waste resources, time, and you are going nowhere. However, what if you have a light that points you in a direction that you know is successful? You might want to redirect all your forces to reach the end of your journey. This broad image is the reason why the why is important for any business.

It is hard to keep track of your purpose during a hard day at work. Usually, trifle tasks that appear as important at first sight force your focus to wander in a multitude of different directions. However, that first why is important and professionals should never let it go. Here are more reasons to never forget your purpose.

1.     What Exactly Is This Why?

This why cannot be fixed in a concept as it differs from one business to another. However, there are some examples. For instance, you want to start a business to escape the idea of having a boss. Or some people simply want to close a gap in an industry with quality products, or they want to make the world a better place. However, not all these beliefs might resonate with you. Only the right one will be strong enough to inspire you throughout the day.

2.     Everyone Is in Danger of Losing Sight of Their Purpose

In the morning, you might have a rough idea of how you shape today’s range of opportunities. However, once you get online, you will receive tens of messages, emails, tasks, requests, propositions or others throughout the day. These can get a snowball effect and develop into problems you have to deal with right now. Moreover, starting off as an entrepreneur is a challenge in itself. There are a lot of decisions to make and business paperwork to fill that come as a burden on your shoulders.

Being such a difficult experience, your startup might drag you to a point where you ask yourself: Why did I start this journey? This is the moment when you go back to basics and reconnect with your purpose. Charge your batteries with the idea that sparked passion in you in the first place and recreate your way up the ladder.

3.     The Why Is Not Just Money

Many people might think that they are struggling with setting up their business just for the sake of money. However, even though being financially independent is an aspiration for any adult, this is just a collateral result of reaching your purpose.

Let’s rephrase this in another way. Would you prefer getting rich by being a banker or by selling your paintings? These two variants have their own way to define a life’s work. However, only one of them would appeal to each reader.

4.     Why the Why Is Important

A purpose that you believe in is strong enough to overcome any reflex to run away. Quitting is an option. However, most people would probably feel bad after a while letting go of their business idea. This regret has nothing to do with decisions, paperwork, marketing, strategies, and all other such responsibilities that come with a startup. However, the remorse will probably have something to do with the estrangement from their core beliefs.

5.     Conclusion

The why is important because it gives you a reason to smile after a terrible day when you defended your business idea. As long as you remember the purpose that convinced you to become an entrepreneur, you will waste no more precious assets in the wrong direction. In the end, this is about efficiency and reaching your goals.

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Author: Amanda Knowles