Why Do People Fear Change: A Businessperson’s Perspective

why do people fear change

As a manager, when you plan some changes within your organization, you should definitely expect resistance right from the start. However, if you understand the reasons why people and employees, in general, behave the way they do, it will be a lot easier to address the change strategies. Therefore, we have enlisted the help of a few professionals and businesspersons to tell us why do people fear change.

1. Gershon Mader on Why Are Leaders Afraid of Change

Understanding the fear of change, the resistance to it, and how to handle it starts right at the top. In other words, it begins with that management. Gershon Mader, the Founder and President of Quantum Performance Inc. is ready to tell us leaders are afraid of change. In a very cohesive and eloquent stance, he manages to boil down the reason why they’re so scared, in just a few points.

  • Managers take criticism personally and, therefore, feel pushed away.
  • They may not know how to handle employees’ feelings when it comes to change.
  • The fear that meetings will turn into sessions of whining which will not be productive.
  • If they allow too much freedom, it will become mutiny.
  • The fear that if they admit negative feelings to be expressed, that will lead to a bad outcome.
  • Some are old-school thinking that just because they are the boss, people should immediately line up behind them.

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2. Kimanzi Constable on How Fear Blocks Your Path to Success

Kimanzi Constable is a paid consultant who works for businesses in 25 countries around the world and who has written four books so far. He makes an interesting point on the matter of why do people fear change. Kimanzi has brought to our attention the ways in which failure blocks our path to success. In this sense, he has identified three of them.

  • Fear determines you to believe that you are limited. Every entrepreneur has doubts that his idea, product or service might not hold out or that he might fail. The only thing that fear does is root these believes even further deep down and amplify our struggle. In reality, these beliefs might not even be true.
  • The idea of fear could keep you from seeing past your current situation. This is what being scared does to you. It makes you feel that the present scenario is the only possible state of affairs you will ever find yourself in. In other words, it keeps you from seeing that things will change, your business will grow if you work hard, and the situation will improve.
  • It makes you believe that it’s alright to settle. Evidently, it’s difficult to make the necessary changes that lead to the entrepreneurial life you’ve always wanted. It means you’ll have to sacrifice your time, money, energy, and personal life. That’s why this fear makes you think that maybe it’s better just to settle. But you shouldn’t let go until you’ve at least tried.

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Why do people fear change? As it turns out, they don’t dread change per se. They fear the unknown. A great parallel would be that you’re not afraid of the dark itself, but of what might be lurking within it. However, always remember that excellent quote. “What if I fall? Oh, but, darling, what if you fly?”

Author: Amanda Knowles