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Here’s What to Take to a Job Interview to Make a Good Impression

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Going to an interview is not as easy as it seems. You are already making a good impression on the paper since they called you, but now you must impress them face-to-face as well. If you don’t know what to take to a job interview, this list is going to be helpful.

What to Take to a Job Interview?

1. A Copy of Your Resume

Not every position requires a resume, but if you used one to apply, it would be better to have a copy. Having two copies might come in handy for the recruiter as well. In this way, you show that you are interested and seriously prepared.

2. Documents

If the recruiter asked you beforehand to bring some documents, make sure you have them. Place the documents required for the job interview in a folder since it’s more professional that way.

3. A Pen

This might seem useless, but a pen can be very important. If you bring your own pen, this says that you thought ahead and came prepared. On the contrary, not having one proves you are disorganized.

4. Your Notepad

During the interview, you might need to write down names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Think about the fact that few interviewees come prepared and you will stand out in this way.

5. References

Bringing your references might come in handy. In case the recruiter asks you for them, you can hand them easily. If they don’t, you will appear prepared either way. Include at least three people that can refer you. Write down their full name, phone number and their connection to you. Bring copies for each of the recruiters you meet.

6. A Set of Questions

Think beforehand of some questions to ask your employer. These are among the most important things, so put them on the list with what to take to a job interview. Not all interviewees ask questions, but if you come prepared, you will surely make a good impression. However, ask subtle and diplomatic questions, don’t ask right away what is the salary for the position you want.

7. A Folder or a Briefcase

A folder is useful for storing the papers you brought, but also the ones you will receive. The recruiter might give you some sheets with extra information, contacts or directions. It’s much more professional to place them in a folder rather than keeping them in your hand.

8. Gum/ Breath Mints

Making a good first impression is essential, so don’t forget to bring some breath mints or gum. Not only they will help you have a fresh breath, but they can help you relax.


This is a brief list of what to take to a job interview if you want to make a good impression. Remember to print out a copy of your resume or even several, to bring your own pen, as well as some references. Get some breath mints in any case, but remember to get rid of them before starting the interview. Write down some questions on a notepad and take them with you.

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Author: Amanda Knowles