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Wondering What to do With 10000 Dollars?

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Whether you inherited, earned or simply saved it up, $10,000 is quite a big amount. Some people prefer to spend it on holidays, a new car or some new furniture items, while others prefer to invest it. Needless to say, investing it in a smart manner is an excellent idea. But how to invest and what to do with 10000 dollars?

What to Do with 10000 Dollars and How to Invest Them?

1. Peer to Peer Lending

Many people prefer the fixed income type of investments to equities. In this case, peer-to-peer lending is a great idea. It’s a good opportunity to earn some above-average interest rates. There are specialized sites that bring borrowers closer to lenders. The result is an open environment good for lending that overlooks the banks. This means that you also override the restrictions and the high rates.

2. Auto-Pilot Investing

Virtual autopilots are also a great alternative when you don’t know what to do with 10000 dollars. For example, Betterment is such an online investment management platform. People often times call it a robo advisor. It’s a good idea to handle it because it takes care automatically of your investment selection, rebalancing, asset allocation or tax loss harvesting, for example. Of course, you have to pay a fee, but it’s quite reasonable in general. The quick return makes it all worth it.

3. Stock Market

The stock market is one of the first ideas that come to your mind when you think of how to invest 10000 dollars. If you have the necessary skill, you can make lots of money with the stock market. There are online companies, such as Scottrade and Etrade that help you become an investor. You can even find some educational resources there. Moreover, such companies usually charge a small fee.

4. CDs or High Yielding Savings Account

A totally safe option is to put your money in some high-yielding CDs, for example. A savings account with a high interest is a good idea as well. The best rates you can currently find are those offered by the online banks, such as the Everbank account. You can enjoy online savings, checking and you can even get certificates of deposit. Being online, they pay better than the traditional banks.

5. Real Estate

What to do with 10000 dollars? Invest them in real estate! Naturally, real estate is and has been one of the most secure investments ever. However, $10,000 is not enough to make a payment or buy an entire property. As such, you should head over to real estate investment trusts (REITs). There are lots of advantages to them, so do some research and see if you want to do it.


Even though $10,000 may seem a lot, but when you start investing it doesn’t appear like that anymore. For example, you can’t buy a property with them. Thankfully, there are lots of other ideas to invest them. Some of them are the real estate investment trusts, savings account, the stock market, the autopilot investing or the peer-to-peer lending. Of course, these aren’t all the options you have. As such, how to flip 10000 dollars is not an easy decision, but if you choose wisely, it’s worth it.

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Author: Amanda Knowles