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What to Do When You Hate Your Boss: Making the Relationship Work

what to do when you hate your boss

If you’ve ever watched The Office, then you might have noticed how everyone hated the boss, Michael Scott, yet no one actually quit their job. Sure, it was a show, but what if we told you there are ways in which you can have your cake and eat it too? In other words, here’s what to do when you hate your boss but don’t want to quit.

1. Empathy Is Key

The first step in managing your relationship with a bad boss is to always remember this. Most of them are not bad people in reality. They are not actually trying to make your life hard or have a personal vendetta against you. They have weaknesses and are under a lot of stress that makes them act the way they do, especially when they have bosses themselves. Keep in mind that you are not on your boss’ mind every minute of the day and he or she is not out there to get you.

2. Always Offer Them the Chance to Do Something About It

Most bad bosses are not even aware that they are behaving poorly or that they are making their subordinates miserable. Therefore, it’s highly important for the both of you that you don’t spend your days sulking or fuming at your desk in silence. Instead, take up the problem and discuss it openly with your boss.

The best way to broach the subject is by inviting your boss out to lunch. You want to create an environment where you will not be disturbed by people you know and from where he or she cannot walk out. You also want a place where they cannot make a scene. Kindly explain the situation and see how it goes.

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3. The Mutiny

Number two on our list of ideas about what to do when you hate your boss doesn’t always pan out. That can mean two things. First of all, it can mean that the open discussion did not go well, in the sense that your boss didn’t want to listen or admit their faults. Or it can mean that, even if they listened, they are now holding a grudge against you for speaking up and you can feel the aftermath in their behavior.

Either way, the outcome is not good. Now it’s time for the harshest solution of all, but one which is just as fair as the others. If you feel that things can no longer be improved and if you have colleagues that share your opinion, you can all rally and visit HR together. Lodge a formal and joint complaint against your boss. In this way, the upper management will be forced to deal with the situation.

Of course, this works when you are in a corporate system. However, if your job is in a smaller company and your boss is also the owner, then the mutiny is you quitting your job. Unfortunately, as sad as it sounds, sometimes there is no other way.

Now you know what to do when you hate your boss. Here are three ways in which you can deal with the situation, which include empathy, open discussion about the problem, a report to HR, and quitting the job. Let us know in the comment section below how have you dealt with difficult bosses in the past.

Author: Amanda Knowles