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What Makes a Great Leader? 5 Skills to Never Stop Growing

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If someone were to ask you what makes a great leader, what would you answer? Would you say that a great leader is charismatic, responsive, honest, inspiring, or maybe confident? The truth is that there’s no single quality that makes a great leader. Amazing leaders have a sum of qualities that determine their ability to lead a team to success. While some people may be born with some of these qualities, others can learn to cultivate them through different methods. Today, we’re going to provide you with a short leadership qualities list.

What Makes a Great Leader?

1. Decisiveness

As a leader, you can’t afford to be undecided. Especially when the fate of the entire team depends on your decisions. Great leaders have to show people that they’re able to make a decision in the required time and then stick to it through thick and thin. If you’re a decisive leader, your team members will know that you’re fully committed to the goals of the team. Moreover, they’ll be confident that you won’t back down the moment things get hard.

2. Passion

A leader should be capable of motivating people. No matter how many people you have to motivate, the only way to do that is by showing them that you’re passionate about your work and about reaching the team’s goals. Be honest, when you see someone talking passionately about something, doesn’t it inspire you to do the same? People are as quick to identify passion as they are to identify the lack of it. Which is why it’s important to choose a leadership position in a field you’re passionate about.

3. Innovation

Another vital quality of a great leader is innovation. That’s because there will be moments in the trajectory of every company when the team will have to deal with difficult situations. These situations have to be solved by coming up with innovative ideas. Even if these ideas should ultimately be a team effort, your job as a leader involves using your skills and experience to find creative solutions to difficult problems. If you’re not there to inspire the team, then who will?

4. Open-Mindedness

A leader who sticks to their way of looking at things even when there are obviously better ways to handle a situation is not someone you should strive to become. In fact, great leaders have to be open-minded and strive to listen to other ideas. Moreover, they have to be able to change their point of view when the situation asks for it. You should never judge anyone, even if you disagree with their idea. After all, we’re all different people with different opinions.

5. Accountability

Perhaps one of the most important answers to the question of what makes a great leader, accountability is something that people tend to overlook when they decide to become leaders. Before accepting the task of leading a team, keep in mind the fact that there will be times when you’ll have to hold yourself accountable. Team leaders have their rights, but they also have their responsibilities, and being accountable for the team is definitely one of them.

As long as you strive to embody these 5 leadership skills, your team will be excited to work with you and learn from you as well.

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Author: Amanda Knowles