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What Jobs Can You Get With an Associates Degree?

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An associate’s degree is an academic degree that is given by universities and colleges when you complete a course of study. Usually, the course lasts for two years. It is a higher level of education than a GED or a high school diploma. But what jobs can you get with an associates degree?

What Jobs Can You Get with an Associates Degree that Pay Well?

1. HVAC Mechanic

The average yearly pay for an HVAC mechanic reaches around $42,000. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. And as you can guess, there’s always a need for one of them, whether we’re talking about business or residential buildings. With an associate’s degree, you can build and repair HVAC system, oversee contractors and calibrate large thermostats.

2. Paralegal

If you have an associate’s degree in paralegal studies, you can help clients with legal issues even if you don’t have many years of law school. Your degree helps you make detailed research on various cases, interview the clients, prepare the briefs and, all in all, assist the attorneys. The average yearly salary for this position reaches $44,000.

3. Mechanical Drafter

The job of a mechanical drafter is to assist engineers and architects with complicated diagrams of machines and mechanics. Most likely, you will need to work with CAD software (computer aided design). The average annual pay for this job is $50,000.

4. Industrial Engineering Technician

So what jobs can you get with an associates degree that get more complicated? The answer is right here: industrial engineering technician. Your task is to work closely with scientists and engineers. You must create blueprints for products, tools, and machines. Moreover, you need to understand physics well. For all this, the yearly pay reaches on average $51,000.

5. Mechanical Engineering Technician

Mechanical engineering workers are required to test and to develop special equipment for various purposes. This is a great career choice if you love working with computer programs, as well as using engineering techniques. And if you’re interested in the money, you should know that the annual average salary matches $52,000.

6. Electro-Mechanical Technician

As a specialist, you need to help people with mechanical repairs. Moreover, you should offer updates and other repairs for robotic and motorized machines. For this, you will receive an annual pay of $52,000 on average.

7. Physical Therapy Assistant

Also called PTA (physical therapist aides), people who take up this job work in hospitals, private therapy offices or assisted living facilities. Usually, you work under the direction of a physician or physical therapist who has a license. Basically, you help people recover from their illnesses and injuries. Often, you will also need to perform some hands-on exercises when assisting clients. The annual pay is the same as for the electro-mechanical technician, namely $52,000.


If you’re asking yourself what jobs can you get with an associates degree, you should know there are plenty. The 7 jobs listed above are just a couple of examples, but depending on your skills and interests, you can work in various fields.

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Author: Amanda Knowles