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What Is Organizational Culture and How to Implement It Effectively

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Every company is different. Its employees are different, its owners are different, and, as a result, the organizational culture is different as well. What is organizational culture, you ask? Well, it is a system of beliefs, values, and assumptions that are shared by all the people in the organization. Every company should strive to implement an effective and unique organizational culture. In today’s guide, we’ll tell you more about organizational culture and how you can implement it.

What Is Organizational Culture?

What we mean by culture in “organizational culture” is the personality the company has. When people work together, organizational culture is imperative. It can influence the employees’ behavior and dictate the way they act, perform, dress, and so on. Organizational culture is a system that provides people with guidelines on how to act in a certain organization and boundaries related to how they should behave.

The characteristics that make up an organizational culture can differ in importance. It is up to the members of the organization to understand how important each of them is for the company and try to adjust the way they behave so as to be an integral part of the organization.

How Can You Implement Organizational Culture?

1. Define It

The first thing you should do when trying to implement organizational culture is define what that means to you. If you’re the company’s only leader, that shouldn’t be that much of a problem. If you have partners you have to consult with, you might end up disagreeing on what the most appropriate organizational culture for your company is. Even so, a consensus must be reached, so you might have to compromise. Just to make it more real, you should write down the vision you have of the company and document the discussions leading to it.

2. Teach It

Don’t expect your employees to just know how to become part of the organizational culture without you teaching them how to. Explain to them what you’re looking for in your company’s culture and how you think you might be able to achieve this together. Take this time to also mention things you’re not satisfied with and wish your employees would make an effort to change. Stories are a great way to capture their attention and inspire them, so don’t be afraid to talk about times when the organization truly shined.

3. Be It

Perhaps the most important part of the process of implementing an organizational culture is for you to lead by example. You can’t expect your employees to behave a certain way if you don’t show them you’re doing the same. Think about the fact that everything you say and do has the power to impact the people around you.

4. Reward It

Finally, you should never forget to reward the people who are doing everything in their power to adhere to the company culture. If their struggles will go unnoticed, they’ll feel underappreciated. As a result, they won’t put that much passion into becoming a part of the company.

We hope today’s guide managed to answer the question “What is organizational culture?” and provide you with some guidelines on how to implement it.

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Author: Amanda Knowles