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What is Link Building: The Basics and How to Do It

what is link building

The world of SEO and, consequently, of link building, are changing rapidly. Today, it’s more important than ever to build high-quality links. Therefore, understanding and making use of good campaigns is truly essential if you are planning to compete online successfully. Here is a small, yet comprehensive guide on what is link building and how you can use it to your advantage.

The Definition of Link Building

Link building is a process through which you acquire hyperlinks from other websites so that you can use them on your own site. It’s also the process of you trying to convince other websites to publish or use links to your own site.

Inbound links are highly important to online marketers as well as to businesses. They are one of the most crucial factors when it comes to search engine rankings, dramatically impacting them. Therefore, inbound links have the potential to affect your entire business.

Getting Started with Link Building

Here are the components of a link building campaign.

  1. Set Your Goals

If you know the goals of your campaign right off the bat instead of simply starting the process of link building, you will have a lot more to gain. However, be careful how you set them. For example, it might not be a good idea to set something like ‘build 20 links’ if that does not improve your business on the whole. Simply making them doesn’t get you anywhere.

What does this mean? That your goals have to be realistic and more than building links per se. They have to relate to your plans for the organization. Otherwise, you’re just sitting in an office making links.

  1. Find Your Assets

The heart of your campaign is the product you will use to attract the links you want. Its other name is ‘the hook.’ It is what makes people, businesses, and other websites take an interest in you. The important thing to remember is that there is no pattern and no one solution fits all type of deal. You need to tailor it according to the business you are referring to.

Asset examples include data, products, people, content or services.

On more type of asset currently in use is money. However, you should know that is a Black Hat SEO practice, and it is severely frowned upon. Google does not allow the buying of links. If they catch you doing it, you will receive a penalty, and you will lose traffic. Therefore, seeing as the potential dangers are so high, it’s typically not worth it. We don’t recommend it.

  1. Type of Links

Here are the types of links you can get in a traditional link building campaign.

  • Links that go to ‘deep pages’ like category or product pages.
  • Links to your Homepage
  • To your brand or your company name
  • Links that have the keywords you are currently targeting.

There are, of course, combinations of these as well. Think about what types of links you need and incorporate them in your campaign.

Link building is typically considered one of the most difficult parts of SEO. Therefore, if you manage to learn what is link building and master it so that you can make online campaigns, you can use it to the benefit of your business. What is link building to you?

Author: Amanda Knowles