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What Is Influencer Marketing and 3 Myths about It

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Are you trying to make a name for your brand? Have you ever considered influencer marketing? As the name suggests, influencer marketing is a type of marketing that relies on influencers, instead of on direct contact between a company and its potential clients. In today’s guide, we’re going to talk more about influencer marketing. What is influencer marketing? What are three of the most common myths about it? We have the answers.

When looking for influencers, look at the person and the characteristics of their followers, not at the number of followers they have.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

As we’ve already mentioned, influencer marketing is a marketing technique where a brand hires certain influencers to reach out to the market and spread the message of that particular brand. As a business owner engaging in influencer marketing, you won’t have to market your brand directly to the customers you’re hoping to get. Instead, you’ll rely on influential people. They will market your brand because you’ve hired them to do so, or simply because they find it inspiring.

There’s an important connection between influencer marketing and social media. That’s because most influencer campaigns also use social media. Usually, the influencers mention the brand using their personal social media channels. Content marketing is also relevant for influencer marketing. Most brands create content for the influencers to use. In some cases, the influencers do that themselves.

3 Myths about Influencer Marketing

1. It Costs a Lot

Many people seem to think influencer marketing is very expensive and its results are not as impressive as those of other types of marketing. In fact, the truth is that investing in influencer marketing is extremely lucrative. True, you won’t get instant results, but this is how this type of marketing works. Plus, influencer marketing isn’t only about paying extremely famous influencers. This will cost you a lot, that’s true. Still, you can always consider niche influencers who can work wonders for your brand and won’t ask for a lot of money.

2. You Don’t Have to Worry about FTC Compliance

The Federal Trade Commission requires influencers to mention when they’re engaging in paid sponsorship. Failing to do that could break your business. You could get a large fine, not to mention lose your credibility. A report made by Linqia in 2016 shows that only 88 percent of marketers ensured influencers mentioned the fact that the content was sponsored. The rest didn’t feel the need to comply with the guidelines imposed by FTC. If you’re part of the latter category, you should consider changing your approach. It will be much more beneficial for your business.

3. It’s Better for the Influencer to Have a Lot of Followers

Perhaps one of the most common myths about influencer marketing is that the influencer you choose should have as many followers as possible if you want your partnership to be successful. The truth is it all depends on the influencer, his or her followers, and the brand. You can’t expect someone like Kim Kardashian to market a brand that sells something completely unrelated to her interests and the interests of her followers. When looking for influencers, look at the person and the characteristics of their followers, not at the number of followers they have.

Ultimately, what is influencer marketing? It’s a way to gain more brand visibility by relying on influential people who want to talk about your brand with their followers.

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Author: Amanda Knowles