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What is Freewriting and How Can It Help You Develop?

what is freewriting

Writer’s block or writer’s burnout are two dreadful things that even the most skilled and experienced writers out there fear. They make one feel uneasy and actually dislike writing, the one thing a writer loves to do most. If you’re experiencing it too, you are not alone. There is one exercise called freewriting that can help you overcome such periods. But what is freewriting?

The Basics of Freewriting

As you might have already guessed, there is no pinpointed definition of freewriting. However, if we were to boil it down, it would sound something like this.

Freewriting is a process in which a person writes random thoughts and ideas without taking into account punctuation, grammar, logic, writing technicalities or cohesive plot stories.

It’s a technique used by teachers and writers to overcome impediments such as writer’s block, writer’s burnout, lack of creativity at a certain moment, apathy, or not being able to come up with a topic or idea.

How Does One Freewrite?

Now that you know what is freewriting, here’s how to do it.

Sit down in front of your favorite medium of writing. It can be your computer, tablet, typewriter or notebook. Take five or ten minutes to write continuously without stopping for a second. Do not stop typing and do not lift the pen from the paper.

Write every single thing that you are thinking of, that comes to mind, that has crossed your mind in the past few days. Maybe there are song lyrics that have been playing in your head, lines from movies that you’ve recently seen and that have been floating on the surface of your thoughts. Write everything in between. Write what you can see with your mind’s eye without stopping.

When you are freewriting, do not think about grammar, punctuation or the rules of the English language. You are now writing for your eyes alone. The sentences don’t have to have a structure, the paragraphs don’t have to be organized, and the ideas do not have to be logically intertwined.

The results are never pretty when you freewrite, but the result is beautiful. You have started to write.

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How Does Freewriting Help You Develop?

The best part of everything you have freewritten will end up in the bin. Remember, this is just an exercise. A bit like the first pancake of the batch. It’s always a throwaway. However, before you do that, make sure you give everything a thorough reading. There may be some hidden gems in there.

You can find a word, a sentence, a description of a visual image that can lead to some more ideas in your creative mind or that can be developed into something much bigger.

Freewriting is a fantastic way to come up with new ideas and rid yourself of writer’s block. Typically, after you’ve written for five minutes, you start getting the hang of it again, and your creative juices start flowing once more. Freewriting is perfect for that. What is freewriting to you?

Author: Amanda Knowles