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What Is 360 Degree Feedback and Can It Help Your Company?

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The topic we are going to discuss today is the 360 degree feedback and how it works in a company. First, we are going to look at what is 360 degree feedback, check out its definition, check out examples on how to implement it. Finally, as a treat, we’re going to add a couple of its benefits.

What Is 360 Degree Feedback?

This type of feedback refers to a process or a system or a process where an employee receives feedback from various people, including his peers or superiors. Some definitions claim that the number of people to offer feedback varies between 8 and 12, while others rely on 4 to 8. The information is confidential and anonymous for the person who is evaluated, who also receives the same set of questions as the rest.

How to Use It in Your Company?

Usually, companies choose to use 360 degree feedback in two of these ways:

1. As a Development Tool

It is a great tool for making employees aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of their colleagues. This all leads to them being more effective, which is great for the company. Having the chance of giving anonymous feedback to a coworker means people get more honest and accurate information.

2. As an Appraisal Tool

Performance appraisal is another way in which you can use the 360 degree feedback. However, this isn’t a method most approve, especially since it’s focused more on competencies and behaviors, not on job requirements, objectives or basic skills. If you decide to go this way though, you should be clear about incorporating this type of feedback into the performance management process.

Can It Help Your Company? 3 Advantages

1. Better Feedback

Naturally, a rounded feedback is better than one offered by a single person. You can involve the entire company in this, from supervisors to coworkers, reporting staff and peers. Moreover, this can save managers’ time, who won’t spend all their energy on feedback. And you probably know that a good feedback means good work.

2. Developing the Team

This type of feedback allows teams to self-assess and to give honest information about their dynamics. A supervisor doesn’t always know how things work inside the teams, so the 360 degree feedback is a great solution. As such, the team members can learn how to more effectively together.

3. Career Development

The 360 degree feedback, if provided regularly, can help an individual improve their career. This doesn’t only help the company (if at all) but also the employee, who has the great opportunity of learning more about the business and about themselves. What’s more, many employees reported they got plenty of help through this type of feedback.


In this article, we learned more about what is 360 degree feedback and whether it is of any use in your company. Truth is, there are plenty of advantages for this kind of assessment and the best thing about it is that it helps your employees. Use it to strengthen your teams and improve your work quality overall.

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Author: Amanda Knowles