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What Does SaaS Stand for? An Explanation and Details

what does saas stand for

Software as a service. That is the answer to the question what does SaaS stand for? It is a category in cloud computing, along with PaaS, which stands for platform as a service and IaaS, infrastructure as a service. All three are equally compelling. However, in this piece, we will be focusing on explaining and detailing software as a service.

Defining SaaS

The definition of SaaS in itself is quite simple. Software as a service is actually a software distribution model which requires that a third-party provider should host applications. It also needs to make them available to its customers online.

The great thing about software as a service is this.

If organizations or companies use SaaS, they will not need to install or run software or applications on their own servers and computers or in their own data centers.

Therefore, this solution will eliminate the need to buy hardware that can prove to be very expensive, maintaining and provisioning it. They also won’t need to buy very expensive software licenses and pay for their support.

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Benefits of the SaaS Model

  1. The payments are flexible

If you choose the SaaS option rather than buying hardware yourself and installing software on it, you must pay for it. Typically, the service requires a monthly fee and a pay-as-you-go model, which can be very accommodating.

The simple fact that you now operate with a single and predictable monthly fee will allow you to plan your budget a lot better. Plus, you can terminate it at any time you choose, which would be a lot harder to manage if you had the hardware and software on location.

  1. Usage is scalable

This idea means that you can control your subscription to a SaaS service as you wish. If you need more features from them, they will provide. In the same way, if you need to scale down according to your needs, they will do that as well. The same goes for on-demand features.

  1. Updates are automatic

Let’s face it. No one is a fan of updates. They are messy, nobody actually understands what goes on when a piece of software updates, unless you’re an expert, and they take more time than they have to to update. Not with a SaaS solution, though. All the updates will be taken care of automatically by the provider.

Do you know what this means for you? No more wasted time and a reduced need for you to hire an IT staff in-house.

  1. High accessibility

Seeing as all SaaS applications are delivered using the Internet, this means that you can access them anywhere and everywhere. This allows for fantastic mobility for you, your employees, and your business, which hardware does not have.

Now that you know what does SaaS stand for, you should also know it is being used by IT professionals, business people, not to mention C-level executives. So, what does SaaS stand for if not quality, advancement in technology, mobility, better budget planning, and user-friendly solutions?

Author: Amanda Knowles