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What Does It Mean to Be a Millennial and Why We Should Reject Labeling

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You must have heard a lot in the recent years about the millennials. Also called the Net Generation or Generation Y, everybody is talking about them, including themselves. Moreover, lots of people are complaining about millennials in the workplace since they have a different understanding of how business works. Today we are going to find out what does it mean to be a millennial and why we shouldn’t rely on this label so much.

What Does It Mean to Be a Millennial?

The problem here is that there are various definitions of this term. Everybody knows it refers to young people, but how young do you have to be? The consensus is that millennials are that category of people found between 18 – 34 years. Consequently, they were born in the ‘80s and ‘90s. At the same time, some say that they were first born in 1978, while others set their birth date sometime between 1977 and 1994. But regardless of the exact year, there are some labels that have been associated with this generation.

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Label for Them All

Now that you know what does it mean to be a millennial, it’s time to analyze some of the labels applied to them.

1. They Don’t Care about Anything in the World

Generally, millennials are regarded as the generation that is supported by their parents and doesn’t believe in anything. Statistically, you might say this is true. Half of this generation has no political affiliation, while 29% has no religious one. However, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Try this perspective: instead of being divided by these beliefs, the generation gains more freedom.

2. They Spend Hours on Facebook

People who don’t understand what does it mean to be a millennial think that all these young people do is to stay on their phones and tablets all day long. However, from a business point of view, this is great. They have the best digital literacy and know how social media works. This means they are great employees when it comes to online content.

3. They Focus Only on Themselves

It seems that Generation Y is the most selfish generation. They grew up being told they are the best and that they shouldn’t settle for anything less. Though it might sound bad, this means that they are interested in receiving feedback at work. Moreover, they look for mentors who can help them improve themselves, not only managers and bosses.

4. They Don’t Consider Rules

We’re sure we can find plenty of managers who are ready to tell us that millennials don’t care about certain rules. Instead, they care more about the essence of things. For example, at work, they are more preoccupied with doing their job and accomplishing their tasks instead of keeping an eye on the clock, for instance.


In this article, we explained in detail what does it mean to be a millennial. Moreover, we dismantled common misconceptions about this interesting generation and how do they behave in the workplace. Finally, people should gain a better understanding of this dynamic group of people who are set to change the world we live in.

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Author: Amanda Knowles