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What Are the Methods for Managing Conflict? 3 Experts Weigh In

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Conflict management is something we should all learn. That’s because as much as we want to, we can’t avoid conflicts at all times. Thus, the only thing left to do is know how to deal with them. Some people are more prone to conflict management than others. Even more so, there are people who are real experts in this field. What better way to learn how to manage conflicts than by listening to conflict management strategies from people who know what they’re talking about? What are the methods for managing conflict they propose? Let’s find out!

What Are the Methods for Managing Conflict 3 Experts Want You to Consider?

1. Considering the Other Person’s Perspective

While this idea shouldn’t be applied only to conflict management, it is undoubtedly a huge part of this issue. Dick Simon, co-founder of YPO Peace Action Network and member of the Young Presidents’ Organization, advises people to try and look at the situation from the other person’s perspective. We all want to diffuse tense situations as fast as possible. Well, refusing to acknowledge the other person’s point of view will lead to the situation being dragged along for ages. They key to finding common ground is to get rid of the habit of only thinking about yourself. The others’ opinions are as important and worthy of attention as yours are.

Simon understands that you may not approve of that other person’s ideas, but no one says you should. Respecting and acknowledging something is not the same as approving of it. If you can respect that someone has a legitimate narrative, even if it’s extremely different from yours, you’re one step closer to solving the conflict.

2. Watching Out for Expectations

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all have expectations sometimes, which may leave us feeling disappointed in the end. A lot of conflicts are born because of unmet expectations. Thus, one of the first things that you should do when you feel a conflict approaching is try to find out whether one of the people involved had certain expectations that the other person failed to meet. CEO of BusinessSuccessCoach.net, John M. McKee suggest you should take a beat and try to consider what went wrong and what were the reasons why it did.

It’s important for people to find solutions together, because this is the only way in which everyone will be satisfied. Have an honest conversation with the other person and try to figure out whether someone’s expectations weren’t met, and if this is what led to the conflict.

3. Avoiding Threats

Diane Gottsman, lifestyle and etiquette expert, understands the importance of keeping your cool when you’re in the middle of a conflict. She advises people to keep a calm tone of voice and just have a polite conversation with the other person. Threatening them while you’re not thinking straight due to the anger can lead to the conflict escalating, which is the last thing you want.

We hope these experts managed to answer the question “What are the methods for managing conflict you should be using?” They’ve definitely convinced us to give their ideas a shot.

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Author: Amanda Knowles