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What Are the Five Love Languages and How This Theory Can Help You Grow

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Have you ever heard of the five love languages? They’re supposed to help you discover the language in which you communicate best and improve your relationships. Your love language will ultimately teach you how to connect with people. This theory appeared at the same time as Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate, which was in 1995. Nowadays, it has become a standalone theory. In today’s article, we’re going to explain what are the five love languages and how finding yours can help you grow.

What Are the Five Love Languages?

1. Receiving Gifts

The first love language Chapman mentions is receiving gifts. This type of love refers to people who feel loved when someone offers them something. This is how they feel most connected with the people around them.

2. Words of Affirmation

Other people can only connect with someone through words of affirmation. These are empowering and positive words which are used with the purpose of affirming the other person’s worth.

3. Acts of Service

Have you ever heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words”? This is precisely the main idea behind this love language. The people who identify with it have an easier time connecting with individuals who show devotion and care through different actions.

4. Quality Time

The idea of spending quality time with someone is not new. But what does it actually mean? It means spending time with someone in a meaningful way, showing them they have your full attention. Some people need that kind of human interaction in order to form lasting connections.

5. Physical Touch

The last love language discussed by Chapman is physical touch. Pretty self-explanatory, physical touch implies touching someone in an appropriate way when you want to express your love, friendship, gratitude, and so on.

How Can You Find Your Love Language?

Finding your love language is fairly easy. All you have to do is visit the 5lovelanguages website and choose between 30 paired statements. Select what defines you best and you’ll find out your love language.

How Can Finding Your Love Language Help You Grow?

Perhaps the most pressing question is why do you need to find your love language? How can this help you? Well, first of all, according to Chapman’s theory, every person has two love languages, one that is primary and one that is secondary. This broadens the spectrum of ways to interact with people that one person has.

Second of all, by finding out which ones are yours, you’ll also get an analysis of how you prefer to communicate on an emotional level. Not only that, but this analysis will show you what this means for your social interactions and how you can use what you’ve just found out to connect with people and form meaningful relationships.

We hope today’s brief guide has successfully answered the question “What are the five love languages?” All in all, this theory can help you both in your personal life and in your career. That’s because no matter what you do, you have to be able to communicate with the people around you.

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Author: Amanda Knowles