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What is Visual Marketing and How This Can Help Grow Your Business

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Here’s a question for you. What comes to mind when you think about content marketing? Most likely a blog post type of content with 1,000 words more or less. You add two or three stock photos and a main image. Can you think of anything else? What about visual marketing? It can be a really powerful tool if used correctly. Let’s find out more.

Understanding Visual Marketing

Content marketing refers to the idea of creating valuable information for your clients which you can also easily share. Visual marketing is exactly that. Only the medium of the content actually differs. Instead of using, say, writing, you use imagery. That’s why it can be divided into six main categories.


Michael Scott in a meme from the office


comic about marketing


man and woman pulling on rope with dollar sign in the middle



the past, present, and future of marketing

Visual Note Taking

visual note taking

The truth of the matter is that you need to pay attention to content marketing right now. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur. Look around you. Visual media is slowly taking over because it’s a lot more appealing to users than any other form. You can see it on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Twitter.

Visual Marketing to Promote Your Business

When it comes to marketing, the main word is creativity. Your customers can easily get bored if you post the same things over and over again content-format wise. For example, if you always post your ideas in text, they might simply scroll away.

However, if you try to entertain them with some images or videos, then you can increase your brand reach. In this way, your customer pool can grow. If there’s any doubt that this works, you’ll be happy to find out the following.

People process images 60,000 times faster than they do a written message.

Apart from that, the best part of all the information that gets transmitted through the human brain is visual. Therefore, it’s easy to see just how important visual marketing becomes for your business.

Individuals have a love for image that cannot be mistaken or minimized. Images appeal to absolutely everyone, no matter their social background, age, level of education and so on. Use them to shape the perception your customers have about your brand.

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Text is now a bit overused when it comes to marketing. Therefore, if you’re an entrepreneur, you should let it go as well. Focus more on imagery. We’ve highlighted above the six categories included in the realm of visual marketing. Choose one or more that seem appropriate for your business and use them.

You can go for videos that show your products and their qualities or how you make them. You can also post funny memes if you know that your target audience is one which is up to speed with the world of memes and will understand them. Or you can simply post classic imagery that will convey your messages in a traditional fashion.


Visual marketing appeals to your creativity in a fantastic way. It allows you to reach your customers on a personal level, posting content which you know they will process a lot faster than the written word. Let us know in the comment section below your thoughts on this matter. Use a picture!

Author: Amanda Knowles