The Video Marketing Statistics That Will Convince You to Try It

The Video Marketing Statistics That Will Convince You to Try It

video marketing statistics

When you are in charge of how you present your business to the public, it is only normal that you want to come up with new and interesting ways of capturing their attention. Videos are definitely one of the most interacting ways of promoting your business. That is because we are all usually drawn to visuals. A potential customer is more likely to remember your brand and consider you as a viable option if you tell your story through video. If you are still not sure if video marketing is for you, here are some video marketing statistics that might make you reconsider.

64% of people are likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it.

Video Marketing Statistics That Prove How Effective This Technique Is

#People Are Watching a Lot of Videos

Did you know that by 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will come from video watching? Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, even announced in 2015 that the social media platform generates 8 billion videos each day. Videos are taking over written messages. For instance, 59% of executives prefer watching a video to reading a text. When it comes to millennials, 74% of them use video when they engage in comparison-shopping.

#Videos Increase Your Reach

92% of people who watch a video on their phone will also share it with other people. This means your business will get more exposure. People share videos an impressive 1200% more than images and text combined. Also, when it comes to traffic from search, businesses that use video marketing have 41% more traffic than those that don’t.

#Videos Increase Your Sales

If your company sells products online, then you will be happy to know that 144% more people purchase products whose description contains a video than products that simply rely on text. Moreover, 64% of people are likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it. 74% of people who watched a video that explains how to use a certain product also decided to buy it. 77% of them say the video was what persuaded them to make the purchase. Not to mention the fact that 90% of potential customers declared that watching a video about a product is really helping them decide if they need it or not.

#Companies Are Satisfied with It

Of course, businesses that actually use video marketing are the best to ask about the benefits of using video to promote your business. 76.5% of businesses consider video marketing a really useful tool that has directly impacted their sales. When it comes to company revenue, this grows 49% faster in the case of businesses who use videos to market their products.

#Videos Have to Be High Quality

Finally, you should know that if you want to include video marketing in your company’s strategy, the videos should be high quality. That is because if they are not, you might get the opposite effect. For instance, 62% of people who watch poor quality videos are likely to regard the brand that posted them negatively.

We are definitely impressed by these video marketing statistics that show how powerful videos can be for the development of a business. If you are too, don’t hesitate to create a video for your company.

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Author: Amanda Knowles