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5 Video Interview Tips that Will Lead to A Success

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The video interview is becoming more commonplace as hiring becomes more global. Employers now understand that remote employees are just as valuable as local ones. Not only that, but that remote employees may be the future for some businesses, as they can save a lot of money from the company’s budget. So, what do you need to know about the interview? Here are some video interview tips.

1. Do a Trial Run of the Equipment

It’s highly unprofessional, not to mention annoying when Skype fails you, when your internet connection is not fast or powerful enough, when your computer freezes because you forgot to perform its updates or when you discover at the last minute you don’t even have Skype installed. Do a trial run of all the technology you will be using during the video interview ten minutes before, to make sure everything is in working condition.

Your camera needs to be at eye level. If not, it will video you at an unflattering angle or show unwanted vistas around your room. Don’t forget to check the sound as well, especially your microphone.

2. Send in All the Paperwork in Advance

Even though you are performing an online interview, this doesn’t mean the company doesn’t need your resume or paperwork for you. Meet their requirements and send everything in before the actual video interview so that they can have it when speaking with you.

3. Check Your Background

If at all possible, your ideal background should be blank. Therefore, position yourself against a wall, a large door or anything that is not distracting in color or adorned in any way.

Make sure there are no lights behind you. They will create shadows on our face.

4. Dress Up

When it comes to video interview tips, your attire should be appropriate for the company you are applying to. There’s no need to wear a full suit and tie if the job is for a copywriter in a young, fun company. That will be more suited for a banker.

However, never make the mistake of dressing up only halfway, assuming that’s all they can see on the camera. The discussion can go literally anywhere. Your future employer can ask to hear details from more paperwork, past projects, photos from previous team buildings with other companies, even your pet if the discussion is friendly enough. Therefore, you will have to get up and retrieve all those things.

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5. Silence the Space

Try to organize the video interview in a quiet space in your house. There should be no music, noises from the outside, traffic, pets, children, and so on. Apart from that, remember that your sound system picks up all the noises. Therefore, do not tap on the desk, don’t drum with your pen impatiently, don’t crack your knuckles, and don’t shuffle papers around.

The bottom line is that, while a home interview might sound a bit more relaxing, there’s actually a lot more to take care of than with a traditional one. Follow our video interview tips and let us know in the comment section below what else you find helpful during video interviews!

Author: Amanda Knowles