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5 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Kickstarting a Personal Project

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Fundraisers are a great way to help a cause that you are particularly interested in. However, they should also be opportunities for people to have some fun and want to donate as much as possible. That is why oftentimes it’s a challenge to come up with creative and unique fundraising ideas. We want to help you out with that, so we decided to create a brief list with some of the most interesting fundraising ideas that you could try. Let’s have a look!

Unique Fundraising Ideas to Keep in Mind

1. Have a Cook Off

Everybody enjoys a great meal while also being able to rate people’s cooking abilities. So why not take advantage of that and charge people an entrance fee to this amazing opportunity. You can try contacting local celebrities or people who are well-known and respected in the community. That way, people will be even more interested in the event. If you want to raise some extra money, you could charge a special fee for people to actually be the judges of the participants’ cooking abilities.

2. Gift Wrap During Holidays

Do you have some knowledge of gift wrapping? If you do, you could contact one of your local stores that specializes in all sorts of holiday presents. Ask them if you can offer their customers the possibility of nicely wrapping the gifts they buy. You don’t have to do this only during holidays, but imagine how many people visit a gift shop for Christmas. Use the money you collect for a nice cause.

3. Pass It On

Depending on what your cause is, leave an object that represents it in front of the house of one of the donors. Add a note in which you explain why you are trying to collect money and that you need his or her donation to go plant the object in front of the house of another donor. You can make it even more interesting for the first person by asking him or her to choose the name of the next “victim”. So if you are trying to raise money for pandas let’s say, you could buy a couple of toy pandas to plant in front of donors’ doors.

4. Raise Bail

This could be a really entertaining fundraising idea for the donors, which is exactly the point of it all. If you have a team working with you, decide among yourselves who are going to be the two or three victims. You will have to handcuff the victims in a public place. Then, they will have to raise bail, otherwise you won’t set them free.

5. Egg Tricks

Let’s face it, people love seeing other people do stunts, especially if there’s a possibility of something funny happening. If you want to raise some money for a good cause, you could go do to door in your neighbourhood and ask your neighbours how much they are willing to pay you if you do a trick with an egg. You can try to juggle with it, or throw it up in the air and attempt to catch it, or even better, crack it on top of your head. After all, it’s all for charity.

We hope these unique fundraising ideas have inspired you to take some time and raise money for a cause that really needs your help.

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Author: Amanda Knowles