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4 Types of Postures and What They Say About You

Body language can be extremely important when trying to read someone. Especially someone who has difficulties expressing themselves or who seems reluctant to share things with you. Out of the many types of body language out there, posture tells us a lot about how a person is feeling when talking to us, or what his or her emotions are related to the situation and to us. Sometimes, you may sit or stand in such a way that transmits a message to the other person, without you even realizing it. Because we want to help you become more aware of your body, we thought we would talk a bit about 4 types of postures and what they mean.

4 Types of Postures and Their Interpretation

1. Standing with Crossed Arms

Perhaps one of the most common types of postures that people tend to use, standing with crossed arms is usually something that most of us do on a regular basis. People who tend to stand like this are usually quite defensive. This can mean that they either want to protect themselves from whatever interaction they’re having at that moment or whatever situation they’re in, or they’re trying to suppress certain emotions. This posture can also be a way of showing that you want to keep someone as far away from you as possible. However, not every time you stand like this you’re also being defensive. Sometimes, this posture simply shows that you’re waiting for something, or even that you’re cold.

2. Gripping the Upper Arm on Back

While not as common as the first one, this posture also points towards negative emotions. This time, the main emotion isn’t defensiveness but aggression. If you’re having a conversation with someone, and all the while you’re keeping your hands behind your back, with one hand gripping the opposite upper arm, you might experience some hidden aggression towards that person. Thus, you use the position to try and contain yourself from doing something that would hurt the other person or punish him/her.

3. Tightly Clasping Fists Alongside Torso

If before a job interview or an exam, you’re standing with your fists clasped tightly and your hands alongside your torso, then this is a sign that you’re feeling nervous and anxious. It can also mean that you’re insecure and unsure of yourself. A similar position involves clasping your fists and then putting them in your pockets. This one too denotes uncertainty, nervousness, and anxiety.

4. Clenching Palms Behind Back

The last type of posture we want to talk about today implies you standing with your hands behind your back and with your palms clenched together. This is a sign of authoritarian behavior. Whether you’re trying to let someone know you’re in charge, or warn someone that if they misbehave, they’re going to have to suffer the consequences, the reason why you’re standing like this is because this posture allows you to push your chest forward. If you’re wondering why this is such an authoritarian and threatening position, it’s because the person you’re talking to doesn’t know whether you’re holding something that could threaten their safety at your back or not.

We hope you found today’s guide on 4 types of postures and what they say about you interesting and entertaining!

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Author: Amanda Knowles