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There Are 6 Main Types of Management Styles: Which One Are You?

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Whether you got along well with your managers or not, you should know that there are different types of management styles. Today we will go through all of them and you can check to see which one are you, or which one were your ex-managers.

Main Types of Management Styles

1. Coaching

The coaching style of management aims to improve the long-term professional development of the employees. A coaching manager helps them and works on developing their strengths, motivating them at the same time. It is particularly effective when there are skills to be developed and when employees want to progress.

2. Pacesetting

This style aims to accomplish tasks with a higher level of excellence. The manager is a “do it myself” kind of person, so thye do a lot by themselves and lead through example. It is particularly helpful when people are already competent and highly motivated, thus not needing much direction or coordination.

3. Democratic/Participative

Obviously, this is one of the types of management styles that is most appreciated throughout the world. The manager that adopts this style approves everybody’s input and encourages people to participate in the decision-making process. It’s very effective when the employees are working together and the working environment is a steady one. Moreover, the staff should have plenty of experience and credibility.

4. Affiliative

Here, the main goal is to create a harmonious atmosphere between the leaders and employees and among the employees themselves. This kind of manager values people first. They try to avoid conflict and to cultivate great personal relationships among the people who work there. The main way to motivate here is to keep people happy. You can obtain the most efficacity by combining this style with others. It suits tasks routine and it involves counseling, helping people, as well as managing conflicts.

5. Visionary/Authoritative

A visionary/authoritative manager aims to offer a direction and a vision on the long run for the employees. The latter need to receive some clear directions and to be motivated by persuasion. Moreover, the manager must offer them constant feedback. It’s the most effective when the leader has plenty of credibility.

6. Coercive/ Directive

This is one of the most despised types of management styles. It aims to make employees comply immediately. It relies on a close control of the workers and uses threats and discipline to motivate them. However, it can prove to be very effective when there is a crisis or when a possible deviation presents a great risk for the company. The downside is that employees learn very little with this style if they are underdeveloped. In case they are highly skilled, they grow frustrated.


These are the 6 main types of management styles you will find worldwide. Finally, the key here is to know which one to use, depending on the level of expertise your employees have, their experience and the general atmosphere in the company. However, you can alternate or use them simultaneously. What’s important is to achieve your goals, regardless of the management style you prefer.

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Author: Amanda Knowles