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The 4 Types of Learning and Finding the Best One for You

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Over the course of your life, you’ve probably noticed that your style of learning was not the same as those of some of the people around you. Maybe you could learn better when you would look at images and organize everything by colors, while your friends preferred listening to recordings and music. That’s because there are multiple types of learning out there, each based on a different approach. Finding the best one for you ensures that you’ll be able to assimilate all the information you need easier. Today, we’re going to talk about 4 main types of learning and tell you all about them.

4 Types of Learning and Their Characteristics

1. Visual (Spatial) Learning

Being a visual learner means that you prefer looking at images and have a spatial understanding of things. Visual media is extremely important for your learning process, so try to use anything that would stimulate you visually. This doesn’t only involve images and pictures, but also colors, spatial organization, different kinds of layouts. Moreover, try to form associations between them and the things you have to learn. Mind maps could also be useful to you, and “visual words” as well. Replacing certain words with images can help you remember things easier, the same way highlighting important things using colors can help you keep in mind the most crucial ideas.

2. Auditory-Musical (Aural) Learning

As the name suggests, auditory-musical learning relies on music, sounds, and rhyme. If at all possible, you should make associations by using recordings. Another great learning technique when you’re an auditory-musical learner is to place the information you have to remember on a jingle or a particular song that you like, and also try to include rhyme and rhythm to make everything more entertaining to learn. The great thing about this type of learning is that music can also stimulate you before you actually start learning. Think of songs that make you feel inspired and listen to them to get in the learning mood.

3. Solitary (Intrapersonal) Learning

If you’re someone who’d rather learn alone, and who can remember things better when there are no other people around, then you’re a solitary learner. Solitary learning relies a lot on self-study, and it also implies creating a personal connection with the things you learn about. If your learning goals are aligned with your personal beliefs, it will be much easier for you to learn. We advise you to make associations by focusing on your thoughts, feelings, and the way you perceive yourself.

4. Social (Interpersonal) Learning

The complete opposite of solitary learning, social learning is all about learning with other people. If you enjoy working in groups, you should try to be around other people as much as possible when you’re learning. Usually, activities such as roleplaying are perfect for this type of learners, and so is sharing thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Practicing everything with another person and making associations based on that can help social learners remember information easier.

We hope you found today’s presentation of the 4 main types of learning interesting. Moreover, we hope it helped you discover what type of learner you are and how you can make the most of your learning style.

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Author: Amanda Knowles