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7 Main Types of Entrepreneurs: Which One Are You?

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The term ‘entrepreneur’ may be used as an umbrella term to define someone who is part of the business world. However, there are many types of entrepreneurs. If you are an entrepreneur, you should use the list below to identify which one are you.

The setup for failure entrepreneur

This type of entrepreneur is always complaining about their failure, without trying to do anything to change it. Moreover, when they take on a new project that seems to be too bold, they are destined to fail even from the beginning. Such an entrepreneur would never give up, but he could as well do it since all he does is fail.

The manager entrepreneur

The manager entrepreneur tends to be involved with startups when they obtain some funds. They often call themselves entrepreneurs only because they usually take care of start-ups. However, it is best to say that they are more like managers. This would really suit them because they are good at working at startups, being just beyond the first high-risk stage.

The lifestyle entrepreneur

Some people are really good at offering business-related advice, promoting entrepreneurship. Furthermore, they also come up with all sorts of ideas which are useful for developing entrepreneurship relations. Despite all that, they never seem to do anything. They are more like a consultant rather than an entrepreneur.

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Use your great ideas and satisfy your customer’s needs to satisfy your investors.

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The cash-flow entrepreneur

Out of all of the types of entrepreneurs, this one will constantly think about money. Usually, this may be a good thing. However, some may seem to overdo it. Some young entrepreneurs need to know that entrepreneurship is about the bottom-line, but, most importantly, it is about inspiring your team. Innovation needs to be a pillar that can support your team while you motivate them to work hard to reach the goal. As a successful entrepreneur, you need to think ahead and start developing something out of nothing.

The better world entrepreneur

This person is not into entrepreneurship for the money. All they want to do is to make the world a better place. Even if this a noble goal, this may be contrary to being a good entrepreneur. Any entrepreneur’s main purpose would be to help their company grow and using their success to make the world better.

The wannabe entrepreneur

Some people have worked in companies their whole life, hiding their entrepreneurial spirit inside. They call themselves entrepreneurs because all they need is an extraordinary idea and some money to support their great revelation. Then, they will expect money to be flowing. Nevertheless, this is not how entrepreneurship works at all.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a profession and to reach to be successful, you need to be ready to take some risks. The wannabe entrepreneur is likely to never progress beyond that wannabe stage.

The headlines entrepreneur

Some people may only like the title and might use entrepreneurship only for the fame. This type of entrepreneur is usually more focused on reaching the front pages instead of doing their job. When you are successful, you feel the need to brag a little about it, showing that your company has a lot of customers, helping you make a lot of money.

Summing up

This list of types of entrepreneurs would help anyone spot these stereotypes. However, no profile may perfectly suit you, and you may be a little bit of every type. The most important thing is to prevent yourself from becoming the cash-flow entrepreneur.

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Author: Amanda Knowles