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4 Unusual Types of Employee Training that Motivate

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Employee trainings are vital for your company every once in a while, as a way to make sure your team is working at full capacity and towards a collective goal. That is why you should make the training programs as interesting, challenging, and entertaining as you can. To that purpose, we decided to provide you with 4 different types of employee training methods. You can use them the next time you want to increase your team’s productivity and engage them as actively as possible.

Types of Employee Training That Stand Out

1. The Interactive Type

Even if some employees might shy away from interactive trainings, once they familiarize themselves with them, they will understand the benefits. As expected, this type of employee training relies a lot on discussions among team members. Moreover, it is about sharing useful information between people who are more knowledgeable and people who still have a lot more to learn. You can use any type of interactive activity, such as brainstorming, demonstrations, Q&A sessions, case studies, quizzes, role playing, and so on. The goal is to get everybody to interact and learn new things. But they should also have fun and get to know each other better in the process.

2. The Coaching Type

This type of employee training is perfect for when you have a new team who is still unexperienced and you want to teach them the basics in no time. For this training you will need more people who can coach. That is because you should focus on every individual employee and pay attention to his or her specific needs. That way, employees that have been with you for a while get to shape their coaching techniques. At the same time, new employees get to learn from the best. Consequently, they will promptly become a vital part of the team.

3. The Online Type

Since we are becoming more and more dependent on technology, it comes as no surprise that a large number of companies choose to hold their employee training online. This is a much more convenient method. Why? Well, because you don’t need an actual office space or any sort of props for it. For instance, WalkMe is a great platform where employees are engaged and guided through what they have to learn. An extra tip would be to make things fun by using humor, interesting materials, and engaging activities.

4. The Multimedia Type

Another great way to get your employees more interested in a training session is to make it extremely visual and interactive by using different multimedia devices. You can prepare colorful Power Points, interesting graphs, entertaining videos, funny animations, or virtual reality exercises. Whatever you feel like it would create enthusiasm in the training program works. Employees are usually more motivated to learn new things if they are taught in a fun and creative way.

The next time you have to organize a training session for your team, make sure to revisit our guide to 4 types of employee training. They will provide you with a successful outcome. Moreover, we guarantee they will all motivate your employees to develop their skills in no time.

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Author: Amanda Knowles