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How to Use Twitter Analytics for Even More Business Growth

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Admit it, you too have a personal Twitter account. If you don’t have one, then you should definitely consider it. And speaking of considering new things, have you ever thought about creating a Twitter account for your business? This is a great way to gain some visibility online, since a lot of people nowadays use Twitter on a daily basis. Luckily, the company has come up with Twitter Analytics. This tool allows you to check your followers’ engagement to your tweets and teaches you how to become more popular. Here are some Twitter Analytics tips to remember.

How to Use Twitter Analytics for Your Business

#Check Your Account Home

The first thing that should concern you is what are the topics the audience responds to. What are they interested in and what do they like to read? You can go to your account home and check monthly statistics that show you which tweets performed the best. That way, you can get an idea of what your followers like more and you can adjust your tweets accordingly.

#Take a Look at Your Tweet Activity Dashboard

If you want to go into more details concerning every single one of your tweets, you should go to your tweet activity dashboard. You can select the tweet you are interested in and check how many times it was retweeted, how many people have seen it, how many likes it has, and so on. This helps you eliminate tweet topics that are not doing anything for your business. So if you notice a pattern of tweets that are less popular, try to stay clear of that particular topic or area.

#Check the Audience Insights Dashboard

You will also want to know more information about your followers. Especially if you are targeting a particular kind of audience. Luckily, Twitter Analytics has also considered this and they came up with the audience insights dashboard. Here, you can check how fast your followers’ rate has increased. Furthermore, you can take a closer look at each follower. Analyze their interests and what demographic category they’re part of and use it for your business. That way, you will know for sure that you are attracting the kind of audience that is relevant for your business.

#Use TweetStats to Check out the Competition

One of the concerns of any business should be to also keep an eye on the competition and strive to be the best. The good news is that now you can use a tool called TweetStats. It allows you to enter any Twitter username you like and it provides you with an analysis of that account’s tweets. You will get information such as how much it tweeted monthly in the last year. You can then go into more details and check what time of day the account tweets the most, how many replies it gets, what are the hashtags it normally uses, and many other interesting and useful things.

We hope we have managed to convince you that opening a Twitter account for your company and then using Twitter Analytics to gain popularity is a great way to give your business a boost.

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Author: Amanda Knowles