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Top 6 Traits of a Good Leader

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Everybody can recognize a good leader: he is the one that makes the world go around, motivates his employees and oversees everything. And this applies to business and other areas as well. But what makes a person like that? What are the traits of a good leader? Let’s see a couple of traits people appreciate with their bosses.

Traits of a Good Leader that Help the Business Succeed

1. Honesty

A good leader is always aware of the fact that his business, together with his employees, reflect his own behavior. If you show them you are honest at all times, you can expect the same from them. It is also healthy to promote reliable standards and rules in what concerns your professional activity. Thus, you can keep your employees closer than you think.

2. Trusting the Employees

Of course, it’s great for a leader to be able to manage things on its own. However, there comes a moment when he/she must trust the employees. It’s not an easy task to delegate important tasks to coworkers or subalterns. Because of that, it is important to include this on the list of traits of a good leader.

3. Good Communicator

Communication can turn into a real problem, especially when you work in a team. Even though you may have everything clear in your head, you have to explain it clearly as well. If you’re aspiring to become a leader, check if you can easily put your ideas across. If not, then you need to work on it and improve your communication skills. Remember that an easy communication process can save up lots of time and effort in any project.

4. Confidence

There’s no need to say that confidence is one of the key characteristics of a good leader. Besides being confident in themselves and the employees, a great leader must be optimistic. Confidence in the future translates to cheering up employees and putting out fires that might appear inside the team. Moreover, staying calm may prove essential in moments of crisis.

5. Commitment

As we already mentioned, it is important to believe in your company. Your employees have to see that you are committed to the common goals. Leading by example is the most effective type of leadership, so why not follow it? Furthermore, you will also gain the respect of your team. Being committed also means respecting your promises to them, regardless of their nature.

6. Positive

Nobody likes a stiff leader who doesn’t understand the employees. Ideally, you should keep up the mood and energy in the office. Even when things don’t go as planned, you shouldn’t let that get you down. Remind your employees what is the final goal and that you are in it together. A good tip in this direction is to offer them small surprises. Snacks, coffee, simple advice or an occasional beer can work wonders on the team morale.


Though this is not an exhaustive list of the traits of a good leader, they may be helpful. Keep in mind that it all depends on how you manage each situation in particular. As such, there is no set of rules on how to always behave. But if you follow the traits listed above, you may see an improvement with your company.

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Author: Amanda Knowles