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Top Online Businesses to Learn a Thing or Two From

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There are plenty of online businesses starting each day. Naturally, not all of them find their success. For this reason, it’s important to have a look at those who manage to achieve profit. Today we will analyze 4 top online businesses and see why they succeeded on the market.

Top Online Businesses to Inspire You


DEVISE is an interesting example of a successful online business. Jeff Taylor first imagined it as a tool for web design and marketing. However, in the end, it turned into a company that creates, monetizes, markets and even sells websites. What’s incredible with this example is the speed at which Taylor, together with his partner Evan Lisabeth, manage to set up companies. What we should learn from here is something that Taylor says: that we should act immediately. He confessed that he had millions of ideas, but they are all worthless if you don’t put them into practice.

2. Get Niche Quick

Get Niche Quick is a website that teaches you how to make money online. The paradox here is that the owner is also making money online while he teaches you that. Tim Seidler is the founder of this website. He is at the same time a husband, father of two and an entrepreneur. What we need to learn from one of the most interesting top online businesses is that you can always turn your life around. Seidler quit his job and dedicated all his resources to building an online income.

3. Human Proof Designs

Dom Wells is a very successful online marketer. He offers training and guidance to entrepreneurs or anybody who wants to make some money online. Human Proof Designs is a great resource if you want to start a niche website in the right way. It covers everything from niche research to ways of monetization. The best thing you can learn from here is the fact that it’s not enough just to talk about it, you also must do it. Dom is always creating new niche sites, which is great.

4. Textfly

If you’re an entrepreneur, Textfly is a great online resource. It also centers on creating niche websites and, with the help of private blog networks, places them high in the rankings. In a context where many SEO professionals don’t tell you straight that quality content is the most important, Steve Rendell does that through his website. What can we learn from here? That it’s important to be honest to your customers. Nobody likes being fooled, so if you want to be a credible resource, speak the truth.


There are plenty of things we can learn from the top online businesses mentioned above. Their entrepreneurs are, of course, skilled specialists who can “feel” the market. Besides luck, they also proved a great entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of responsibility for their start-ups. What we should learn from them is to be honest, to get to action, be dedicated and act immediately when you want something. These are essential steps for any entrepreneur who wants to achieve success.

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Author: Amanda Knowles