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8 Top Jobs for the Future to Consider

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Tech and healthcare are some of the sectors that have grown the fastest in the recent years. Consequently, some of the jobs here should seriously expand in the following 10 years. Today we are going to look at some of the top jobs for the future you should consider.

Top Jobs for the Future to Consider for Yourself

1.Elementary School Teachers

By 2024, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated there will be more than 78,300 new positions in the US in this field. Basically, you need to teach young children in schools basic skills, according to your training. The employers usually ask people to hold a bachelor’s degree.

2. Nurse Practitioners

The expected number of new openings for this position by 2024 is 44,700. Nurse practitioners oversee treating and diagnosing patient’s illnesses. This job requires you to hold a master’s degree.

3. Financial Managers

This one of the top jobs for the future to consider requires a bachelor’s degree in the field. What you should do is to direct the financial activities of various organizations. By 2024, there should be 37,700 new job openings.

4. Electricians

Though it may be surprising for some people, as technology evolves, there are more and more people who need to take care of electrical equipment. By 2024, there should be 85,900 new positions. Your task here would be to maintain, install, and repair various electrical equipment. What’s more, here you only need a high-school diploma.

5. Practical and Vocational Nurses

The tasks assigned to these positions are to care for patients in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, as well as other similar institutions. Here you don’t need a degree, only a postsecondary non-degree award. The salary is decent as well, so you might want to include this on your list of top jobs for the future to consider.

6. Manufacturing Sales Representatives

With just a high school diploma, you can get a job as a manufacturing sale or wholesale representative. There should be 93,400 new job openings in this field by 2024, so make sure you don’t ignore this possibility.

7. Health Services Managers

A health service manager should plan, direct, and coordinate health services in a specific institution. Back in 2014, the median annual earnings were $92,810. It usually requires only a bachelor’s degree. By 2024, it is estimated that there will be 56,300 new positions.

8. Software Systems Developers

With the technological advancement and the new requirements, there is an increasing need for software systems developers. If you get hired in this field, you will have to develop compilers, network software, and operating systems. However, you will need a bachelor’s degree in the field.


If you want to get a better job in the future, you should have a look at these top jobs for the future to consider. They are the most appreciated ones, and the need for them will increase. Check out the chances for more job openings in the future, as well as the requirements. Most of them require a bachelor’s or master’s degree, so make sure you can get the job if you apply for it.

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Author: Amanda Knowles