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Top 7 TED Speakers for Growth Inspiration

carol dweck

1. Carol Dweck

‘The Power of believing you can improve’ – this is a must-watch presentation for everyone interested in personal growth, in business and anything else. One of the most compelling TED speakers (and also author of the ‘growth mindset’ concept), Carol Dweck is one of today’s most important researchers in the field of psychology, motivation and productivity.

2. Erik Brynjolfsson

‘Race with the machines’ is the no. 1 TED Talk you need to watch if you’re trying to grow and scale a business in today’s ever-shifting landscape. Technological innovations constantly change the way work is required, delivered and used, and any business owner or provider must be aware of these trends if any growth is to take place.

3. Adam Grant

‘The surprising habits of original thinkers’: expect your own creativity to skyrocket if you watch this presentation and really pay attention to it. With an intimidating experience as an organizational psychologist, Adam Grant is one of the must-follow TED speakers, no matter the precise niche you work in.

4. Carol Fishman Cohen

How to get back to work after a career break’ – this is the best personal growth inspiration if you’re currently preparing for a re-launch, as an employee or even as an entrepreneur. With personal experience not only in returning to work after a break, but also in championing the causes of similar come-backs from others, Carol Fishman Cohen is that much needed motivational boost we all need.

5. Emilie Wapnick

‘Why some of us don’t have a one true calling’ is the ideal TED talk for all of us who display multiple talents and eclectic interests. With her talk of multipotentialities, Emilie Wapnick is one of the best TED speakers to follow, for all of us who are tired to be called a ‘Jack of all trades’ like it’s a bad thing.

6. Regina Hartley

‘Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume’ is the next thing you should watch as a recruiting officer, as a business owner or as job candidate. Regina Hartley delivers valid points in such an emotionally compelling manner that you’ll feel the need to share the video with everyone you know.

7. Marc Pachter

The art of the interview’ is a wonderful and surprising inspirational boost that will make you feel energized and motivated on all levels, and regardless of the position you currently have in the work hierarchy. With his background in cultural history and art, the perspective Marc Pachter offers on interviews is unique, out of the box and deeply engaging.

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Author: Amanda Knowles