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Top 5 Best Tools for Leading Remote Teams and Growing a True Collective

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If a while ago, any leader could share the same office space with his or her team, and leading seemed easier when everyone was together, nowadays, technology has changed the way a leader relates to and communicates with the team. A lot of companies allow their employees to work from home, or even from another country. This makes for a scattered team of people, which can be rather challenging for a leader to deal with. It’s not as easy as walking down the hall and having a chat with your employees anymore. Today’s article is addressed to people leading remote teams and it details 5 tools that they can use to keep the team together.

Leading Remote Teams: 5 Useful Tools

1. Establish a Way of Communicating with the Team

The most important aspect of every leader-team relationship is communication. The problem is that communicating with a remote team raises a few more challenges than communicating with people you see every day at the office. Which is why it’s important to establish a communication medium. Then, stick to it no matter which member of the team you want to contact. Depending on how urgent and important the issue you have to discuss is, you can use video conferencing on Skype or simply rely on chat messages on Slack.

2. Organize the Team’s Tasks

It can be quite hard to get organized and make sure everyone knows exactly what they have to do when the team is not together in the same place. That’s why you need a program like Trello. Trello allows you to create cards, assign tasks to people, create milestones, and keep everything organized.

3. Check up on the Team

A lot of people fear remote teams because they’re not able to check whether an employee is doing his or her job or watching TV instead. While you should focus on whether or not they get the job done in time and on how satisfied you are with their work, rather than on the amount of time they spend in front of the computer, we understand the need to know that you’re not the only one working. That’s why we advise you to use Screenshot Monitor. This is a program that helps you track the work of your team by sending you screenshots of it. It allows you to feel closer to the team despite the physical distance between you.

4. Be Available

When it comes to leading remote teams, both sides – the leader and the team – should make an effort to get along and collaborate successfully. This means that you shouldn’t expect your team to be available to you anytime if you’re not able to do the same. Make sure your employees know that you’re always there to help them deal with any issues they might have. When you need to explain something more in detail, you can use Skitch. This program allows you to add arrows to texts, use screenshots, and so on. Thus, you can make everything as clear as possible.

We hope these 5 tools on leading remote teams will be useful to you whenever you’re in a situation like that and are looking for ways to make the team work.

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Author: Amanda Knowles