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4 Tools that Help with Online Data Recovery

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We depend on the ability to recover our data whenever there a mandatory situation which is either beyond us or our fault. Data is precious, and its loss can bring about a great cost. Here some programs for online data recovery which you can use. Note that, although they can be found online, you still have to download them and install them.

4 Tools for Online Data Recovery

1. Piriform Recuva

Recuva is one of the top choices when it comes to online data recovery. It has a simple installation wizard. When you first open the program, it allows you to choose the type of file you want to recover and from then on it will start looking for them. You can either give it clear-cut indications for searching or you can let it look through all your drives. It even rates the found and recovered data.

2. TestDisk and PhotoRec

While some programs for online data recovery have a limited offer, others, such as TestDisk and PhotoRec have a wide range of data extension compatibility. PhotoRec works with different media types and mediums (HDD, CD/DVD, USB and memory card). It works well for Mac and Linux, without being, for now, compatible with the Windows OS.

Its plus is that it has a data knowledge base for more than 200 formats. This is a great tool for reconstructing lost files. Its sidekick, TestDisk can help you recover partitions that were affected by virus infection or mal-formatting.

This is directed towards experienced users, for it has a main UX interface which uses a command-line screen. However, for those far less experienced, it guides them step by step through the data recovery process.

3. Paragon Rescue Kit Free Edition

Next on our online data recovery list, Paragon Rescue Kit. This free edition data recovery program will help you not only recover lost data, but also boot into Windows. All you need is a flash-drive which has a big enough capacity. Then, insert it into the non-booting PC and restart the PC. Now comes the fun part. You’ll have plenty of options: such as partition recovery, boot issue fixing and even data transfer.

4. NTFS Data Recovery Toolkit

The NTFS Data Recovery toolkit represents a set of tools that analyzes only NTFS partitions. It also has a data recovery option in both manual and automated modes.

While in Manual mode, you can analyze disk structure and define the problem with the freeware Disk Editor. Fixing the problems can be done by using either the kit’s Partition Manager or Microsoft Windows’ own utilities.

The auto-pilot mode will do all the hard work for you and allow you to concentrate on specific data recovery with the help of File Recovery and Partition Recovery tools.

While there are plenty of other online data recovery tools that you can use. However, we believe that these are among the best that are, depending on the needs that you have. But, before using any of these, make sure your data is safe and sound.

Image source: kadvacorp.com

Author: Amanda Knowles