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5 Tips on How to Rest Well and Wake Up with More Energy

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In order for us to be productive during the day and able to face any challenge that life decides to throw at us, we have to be well-rested. Sleep is extremely important for a healthy life. Each of us learned that the hard way when we tried to stay awake for nights in a row to finish a project, only to discover that the lack of sleep is severely affecting our productivity. So if you want to wake up energetic every single day and like you’re ready to take over the world, take a look at these tips on how to rest well.

5 Tips on How to Rest Well and Wake up Full of Energy

1. Check the Position You Sleep in

Even if you might not be aware of this, the position you sleep in can determine whether you wake up feeling rested or not. Here, preferences can differ greatly, and a position that makes someone feel extremely comfortable might not work for another person. So we advise you to consciously try out some sleeping positions and see which one works best for you.

2. Stay Cool Before Going to Bed

By that, we don’t mean relax, although relaxing can also be a great method. We mean that we sleep better when our body temperature is lower. Which of course can be easily achieved during fall or winter, but not so manageable during those hot summer nights. You could try having an air conditioner in the room or buy a cooling pillow.

3. Find out Exactly How Much Sleep You Need

Even if for most people, the average amount of sleep they need every night is around 7 hours, this is just an approximate number. Every person has that sweet spot that works best for them. If you want to wake up feeling rested, you should find yours. It might take you a while and a few failed tries, but you will discover it eventually.

4. Establish an Evening Routine

If you go straight from working to bed and expect to magically fall asleep, you might be disappointed. That is because for our bodies to understand it’s time to go to bed, you have to relax and get in a sleepy mood. There are a couple of ways in which you can do that. Try taking a long hot bath or read for a while in bed after you’ve dimmed the lights.

5. Turn on Some Background Noise

A lot of people find it extremely comforting to fall asleep with some white noise in the background. This can be anything from the TV running to a special sound machine that imitates storms, running rivers, nature sounds, and so on. Whatever makes you sleep like a baby is what you should pick. Just remember to keep the volume down so that it’s not too distracting.

We hope these 5 tips on how to rest well will help you unwind before bed and make sure you wake up the next day feeling fresh and ready to work.

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Author: Amanda Knowles