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Professionals Give You 5 Tips for Working from Home

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Recently, we have witnessed the appearance of a new trend: working from home. Whether we are talking about people who are employed and working remotely or about entrepreneurs, things are the same. Today we will have a look at a few professionals who share their opinion, as well as some tips for working from home.

Tips for Working from Home from Professionals

1. Stick to the Regular Office Hours

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to working from home is not respecting the office hours. Jacqueline Whitmore explains to us in detail how people make this mistake. Through her experience as an author, a business etiquette expert, as well as the founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach, she says that it’s important to recharge. Many people procrastinate or are too dedicated and end up not getting proper rest. This, of course, affects their productivity.

2. Dress for Work

Phil La Duke is an expert in safety and performance improvement. Through his experience, he offers us one of the most important tips for working from home: dressing for work. As soon as you dress for work just like you would do when working at the office, you switch to the work mindset. You won’t be comfortable procrastinating in a formal suit, which will make you eager to be done faster with the tasks for the day.

3. Wake Up Earlier

This might seem like of those counterproductive tips on working from home. After all, everybody wants to sleep more, not less, right? However, Nadya Khoja claims the contrary. She works as the Director of Marketing for the Venngage Infographics and works from home half of the week. Her argument is that your body needs around 2 hours to completely wake up and be productive. For this reason, you should wake up earlier than the start of your schedule and do something else: clean the house, exercise, make breakfast etc.

4. Create an Office Area

Stephen Key has a lot of expertise in this field. He is the co-founder of InventRight, as well as the author of One Simple Idea Series. He is working a lot from home as an entrepreneur. As such, he says that it’s important to have a dedicated office area. It doesn’t have to be so complicated, but keep it for this purpose only. Don’t store anything else there, just bring your necessary tools.

5. Reward and Celebrate

We know it’s hard to motivate and organize yourself when working from home. For this reason, Alexander Maasik says that it’s important to reward yourself and celebrate. As a communication specialist with some experience in working from home, he says you should find some way to celebrate. Include people you work with when you celebrate your achievement since you don’t have to become isolated.


Even though it has its benefits, working from home is not suitable for everybody. If you feel like you’re struggling with this, don’t quit it just yet. Follow the tips for working from home we gathered from professionals and see if things get better for you.

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Author: Amanda Knowles