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Successful Individuals Discuss Thought Leadership

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The traditional days of marketing are long gone and so is the old type of advertising. Nowadays, more and more people head to a new way of leading: thought leadership. It’s quite a new concept that relies on an individual or a firm’s authority in a certain field. People often ask for their expertise and reward them for doing so. Today we are going to see what successful individuals have to say about this new type of leadership.

Thought Leadership Ideas

1. Establishing Authority

If you plan on becoming a thought leader, the first step is to do some deep research in that certain field. Michael Brenner, who is the head of the strategy for NewsCred, thinks this puts the bases of your evolution. The catch here is that you have to show a depth of knowledge unrivalled on the market. This will convince people to come to you and ask for your expertise. Moreover, a quality service and information will convince them to return.

2. Reach Out to Mentors and Influencers

Jayson Demers is the founder and CEO of AudienceBloom. Through his experience as an entrepreneur, he says that it’s important to reach out to mentors and influencers. This step should be made once you establish yourself a baseline reputation. Furthermore, the famous entrepreneur says that social media is a great tool for doing this, especially if you’re active there.

3. Voicing Opinions

Our third consideration about thought leadership comes from Neil Patel. He is an entrepreneur and an online marketing expert as well, so he knows what he’s talking about. In his opinion, a thought leader should be able to voice their opinions. The important thing here is that the leader’s opinions should be strong enough to influence others’ as well. Remember that having a strong opinion does not mean you have to be rude or arrogant.

4. Having a Clear Purpose

Shana Starr is a guest writer at and a managing partner at LFPR. In her view, successful leaders know exactly what their purpose is and what they want to accomplish. As such, if you want to become a thought leader as well, you should set clear goals and limits. Moreover, true leaders understand that it can take a great deal of motivation and time if you want to get there. The audience feels all this and responds immediately.

5. Offer, Don’t Promote

Nowadays the market is filled with promos, from spam emails to pop-up ads and paid advertising. However, people don’t trust online marketing that much, and this is what Ben Simkin is telling us. Through his experience in founding BusinessNET, he managed to see all sorts of situations in the business world. As such, he claims that a good strategy, if you want to become a good leader, is to offer people something instead of promoting your business.


Thought leadership is being on the rise for now. The above input from various successful entrepreneurs can help you have a clearer image of it. Moreover, it’s an interesting guide for whoever dreams to become a thought leader in the future.

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Author: Amanda Knowles