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Top 5 TED Leadership Talks Delivered by Amazing People

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If you’re not already familiar with TED Talks, you should know that they are videos in which different kinds of experts on a variety of fields (business, education, tech, science, leadership, creativity, and so on) share interesting and captivating ideas with the public. You can probably find a TED Talk about anything you can think of, and we’re warning you that once you watch one, you might find yourself binge-watching a whole lot more of them. Some of the very best talks you can start with are TED leadership talks. Here are 5 of the greatest!

[A] leader isn’t good because they’re right; they’re good because they’re willing to learn and to trust. This isn’t easy stuff. – Stanley McChrystal

5 TED Leadership Talks from Extraordinary People

1. Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

This talk given by Simon Sinek is all about how some leaders have the ability to inspire trust and make people in their team feel safe. Everyone knows that one of the most important characteristics of a leader is his or her ability to make people trust him/her. How to do that is a completely different story. Sinek explores the vulnerabilities and insecurities of humankind, trying to point out the fact that we all feel the need to be safe. As a good leader, you should be able to create a circle of trust within your team and devise a safe work environment.

2. Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO knows a thing or two about women in leadership positions, being one of them herself. Unfortunately, she’s aware of the fact that not many women have the opportunity to reach the C-suite. That’s why she uses this talk to advise them to stay as visible as possible in the workforce. Work equality is extremely important in many respects, from equal responsibility in the household, to equal pay, and even lower divorce rates.

3. What It Takes to Be a Great Leader

This is one of the short TED Talks on leadership which is perfect for you if you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands, but you’re still curious to learn the answer to the question “What does it take to be a great leader?” Roselinde Torres has the ability to make you discover the answer for yourself, by posing some really effective and to the point questions. Her talk is brief, but extremely convincing. As such, it will definitely leave you contemplating the possibilities of becoming a leader yourself.

4. Everyday Leadership

If someone ever tells you that leaders are extraordinary people who are born to be leaders, show them this talk by Drew Dudley. He stresses the importance of people understanding that anyone can become a leader with the right tools and attitude. This is a pleasant talk to watch, due to Dudley’s humorous nature. Plus, it’s one that will convince you that leadership is indeed an everyday act.

5. Listen, Learn… Then Lead

Finally, the last talk we wanted to bring to your attention is one by Stanley McChrystal. He’s a former general who learned a lot about leadership in the military. Thus, he has one main idea that he would like more people to be aware of. That’s the fact that great leaders should listen and learn before they’re able to successfully lead.

Start watching these TED leadership talks as soon as possible, and get your daily dose of inspiration from them.

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Author: Amanda Knowles