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3 Symptoms of Stress You Shouldn’t Neglect

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According to the American Psychological Association and a survey they performed, Americans are now under a lot more stress than they ever were. The most gruesome thing about this statement is the fact that they say it’s impacting their mental health. Evidently, this is not something to toy with, and you should pay very close attention to all the symptoms of stress that might appear. We made a list for you so that you can be on the lookout 24/7.

3 Symptoms of Stress You Shouldn’t Neglect

1. Are You Breaking Out in Hives?

Then you are fatigued to the extreme, and you are stressed out of your mind. If you notice some red and itchy bumps are covering your body seemingly overnight, then this is your body’s way of telling you that you are stressed. However, make sure they are not due to allergies.

If we suffer from incredible stress, it first and foremost takes a toll on our immune system. Therefore, stress can cause us to come down with a cold, a fever and, evidently, hives.

2. Are You Experiencing Weight Fluctuations?

When we are incredibly stressed, our bodies release a hormone that specialists call cortisol. It impairs our normal capability of processing the sugar in our blood. This impairment leads to changes in the way in which we metabolize fat, carbs, and sugar and, ultimately to weight fluctuations.

Other than that, in a more simple and conventional fashion, stress causes people to eat a lot more or a lot less than they usually do. This idea might be another trigger for fluctuations in our weight.

3. Are You Going Through You Acne Phase All Over Again?

When was the last time you have real, genuine acne? Our best guess is back in high school or maybe, college. Still, you haven’t had it in a while, but you are now. Why? The reason is that you are going through a lot of stress.

The cause is the hormone cortisol once again. It prompts the skin and its glands to produce more oil than they would normally do. In fact, there is so much of it that the hair follicles trap it. They also trap dust, dirt, other skin particles, and dead skin cells and you’ve got yourself the recipe for an incredible bout of acne.

Some other symptoms of stress include loss of hair, pesky headaches all the time, your brain feeling fuzzy, and having a cold that seems never to end. Therefore, keep an eye out for all of these stress symptoms and try to avoid worrying as much as you can.

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Author: Amanda Knowles