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Why You Should Strive to Think Inside the Box for a Change

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How many times have you heard the phrase “think outside the box”? We know we have plenty of times, and we are getting quite sick of it already. Luckily, you might not have to wait long for this phrase to completely disappear from our day-to-day vocabulary. However, people might replace it with “think inside the box”. If you are already confused as to what thinking inside the box means, and why this is the new trend, we will clear everything out for you in what follows. Let’s learn how to think inside the box together!

Think Inside the Box to Achieve Great Things

Even if most companies still rely on the well-known phrase “think outside the box” in order to enhance their employees’ creativity and motivate them to come up with new and interesting ideas, this method might not be as great as it sounds. Why is that, you ask? Well, because not a lot of people actually achieve great things when they lack structure and organization. Of course, there are those minds that overflow with creativity. They would feel constrained if somebody would force them to think inside the box. However, the truth is that most people are more creative and productive when they know exactly what they have to do and who they have to follow.

Now, what can we do to think inside the box yet come up with great ideas? The trick, according to an article written by Kevin P. Coyne, Patricia Gorman Clifford, and Renee Dye, and entitled Breakthrough Thinking from Inside the Box, is to come up with new boxes.

The common boxes that we all know and had to work in are not cutting it anymore. In order for your employees to be productive and your company to be successful, you have to create new boxes. They will ground your team and provide them with a basis that they feel comfortable enough with.

The second thing you should do for the thinking inside the box process to be complete is to eliminate any obstacles that might hinder creativity. Consequently, you have to think about each employee individually and try to accommodate their desires. For instance, some people don’t feel comfortable sharing their ideas when there is a large group witnessing everything. In this case, you could try breaking your team up into smaller groups. That way, employees will feel confident and comfortable and will gather the courage to speak up.

Finally, we have an extra tip for you. Think about the increasing popularity of superhero movies. Even if you don’t understand the connection, we assure you there is one, so bear with us. Why do you think these movies are so popular among adults now? It is because they took something that we used to love when we were children and modelled it to fit our adult standards.

Similarly, you could encourage your employees to think how something they used to love when they were children could be repackaged and turned into a fabulous idea for your company. Good luck!

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Author: Amanda Knowles