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Can Stress in the Workplace Be Useful up to a Point?

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Stress is something that each and every one of us experiences. While everybody tries to avoid stress as much as possible and advertises it as being extremely unhealthy and dangerous for you, there are claims that stress can be useful as well. How is that possible, you ask? Well, we first have to learn how to distinguish between bad stress and good stress. Bad stress can lead to anxiety, health problems, and so on, while good stress can motivate you to work harder and be more productive. Today, we’re going to talk about stress in the workplace and see how it can benefit us sometimes.

Why Can Stress in the Workplace Be Useful?

1. It Makes You Focus Harder

Stress increases the levels of adrenaline and cortisol in your body, which means that you’ll end up feeling more aware of where you are, your breath will accelerate, your heart will beat faster, and your body will prepare itself for what it perceives as a fight in which you need protection. While too much cortisol and adrenaline can indeed cause anxiety, in small doses, they can actually be useful to you. Your cognitive function will improve, and your attention as well. Imagine having to run from someone who is chasing you and threatening to cause you harm. Your body can instantly sense the danger and prepare itself to fight back. Something very similar happens when you’re stressed.

2. It Makes You More Confident

If you can get through a tough situation even when you’re stressed, then you know there aren’t many things you can’t do. This is how you become more confident in your ability to succeed. The more pressure you’re under, the more willing you’ll be to push through. That way, you’ll prove to yourself that you can manage anything life throws at you.

3. It Motivates You

Let’s say that you have a deadline that’s fast approaching. The pressure of the deadline is what makes most people start working and be more effective. That’s because when you know you have little time left to accomplish your task, stress works as a motivator. What you have to keep in mind is that every deadline that stresses you out is yet another challenge that you will eventually overcome, not an obstacle that you can’t cross.

4. It Improves Brainpower

Low levels of stress cause our brains to produce neurotrophins. These are chemicals that improve brainpower by strengthening the connections between the neurons in our brain. This process works in a similar way to how exercising helps us focus more and increases productivity. While exercising is a physical stressor, stress is a mental one. As long as you’re not under an excessive amount of stress, your brain can actually work better when you’re a little bit stressed.

While stress in the workplace can have its benefits if kept in low levels, remember that if you’re under a lot of stress, your productivity will decrease and you’ll also endanger your health. If you can’t deal with the effects of stress in the workplace, take a look at the video below to learn some effective ways to relieve stress.

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Author: Amanda Knowles