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Experiment with a Startup Name Generator for Inspiration: 5 Options

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You’ve decided to open your own company, but you are not sure you can come up with a creative and interesting name for it. But how important can the name be? Very important, since it’s the first thing customers will notice about you. So it should be catchy, witty, creative, and easy to remember. Choosing a company name is a really important step in opening up a business. Especially since you won’t be able to change it again after a few months. Luckily, for the people who are struggling with finding an adequate name, there’s always the option of trying a startup name generator. Here are a few of the ones you could test out.

Startup Name Generator Ideas

1. Naminum

This startup name generator gives you the possibility to either come up with one or two words of your own, or rely entirely on them. If you are interested in a specific word, just fill it in and they will provide you with variations to it. These include one with the consonants replaced, one with the word spelled backwards, and so on. If you are just looking for a larger list of options, you can choose not to fill in anything and just browse through. It is a really useful and easy to use tool, that will definitely provide you with some inspiration for a new company name.

2. Panabee

For this startup name generator, you need to provide two keywords before starting your search. So it might be a little more challenging that the previous one. But once they provide you with suggestions, you will have plenty to choose from. They will generate names that include the keywords and also variations of those names. Plus, Panabee also tells you if the name you chose exists on any social media platforms, international domains, and so on. And what is perhaps one of the best things about this startup name generator? It surely knows how to keep things fun.

3. Name Mesh

Name Mesh allows you to use up to four or more keywords. That way you can make sure you find a company name that is exactly what you’re looking for. The interesting thing about this name generator is that, after you’ve provided the keywords, you get several categories to choose from, such as SEO-driven, fun, short, and so on. And you will also be able to see what domain names are already registered.

4. Wordoid

If you are looking for an interesting twist to your standard company name, you should try Wordoid. This startup name generator completely makes up new words, instead of providing you with already existing ones. And you have the ability to customize your experience. You can choose a language, decide on the length of the name, or think of the pattern inside of it.

5. Word Lab

This is one of the oldest startup name generators on the market, that not only provides you with names for your business, but also suggests product names, taglines, or domain names. However, the difference between this one and the other ones we’ve been talking about, is that you can’t fill in any keywords, which means that you will have to browse through all their options. This can be either good or bad, depending on how much inspiration and free time you have.

Going only through a few of these startup name generators, you will definitely find the right name for your company, one that encompasses all the attributes you want it too.

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Author: Amanda Knowles