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Squarespace vs WordPress: Which Is Suited for You?

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We should mention right from the start in the battle Squarespace vs WordPress, they both do an excellent job when it comes to building websites. Naturally, each of them comes together with its own combination of strengths and weaknesses. For this reason, it’s important to analyze them and make an informed decision. Today we are presenting you a brief comparison between the two.

Squarespace vs WordPress – The Showdown

1. Flexibility

The first criteria for comparing the two platforms is flexibility. To put it simply, WordPress is essentially an open source builder. This means that everybody can take the codes to use or to customize them. Because of this flexibility, the WordPress community has become a huge one. However, many building tools doesn’t necessarily mean quality ones. And from this point of view, Squarespace is the winner. They do offer a limited number of tools, but you can be sure they’re high quality.

2. How Easy It Is to Use

Just as we explained above, WordPress is the most flexible one in the battle Squarespace vs WordPress. However, this means it’s customizable only if you know how to code, or if you hire someone else. This means that the learning curve is steeper. Meanwhile, Squarespace is indeed more restrictive with customizing a website. At the same time, it is easier for a person who is not tech savvy to learn how to handle it.

3. Support

Regarding support, things are quite complicated. With WordPress, since you have lots of freedom in customizing it and a huge community, you can say you have lots of support. For example, you have lots of WordPress ecommerce themes. However, the information can be quite overwhelming. For this reason, the support you get may not be relevant or accurate. Meanwhile, Squarespace has developed quite a good support strategy: articles, live chat, email support or workshop videos.

4. Maintenance

An important thing to note is the fact that WordPress offers continuous updates for fixing bugs and improving their security. This means that whenever they release an update, you also have to update your website. In this case, a custom theme and several plugins can prove to be a real problem. At the same time, Squarespace tests and pushes the updates automatically to all the websites. This implies a minimum effort on your behalf, which is great.

5. Price/ Commitments

The price is definitely an important factor in the Squarespace vs WordPress battle. Squarespace comes up with 4 pricing plans. An annual plan will bring you an economy of 13%-25%, as opposed to signing up month by month. The lowest price is $16, while the highest reaches $46. WordPress makes you get your own hosting, whose price can rise up to $7 a month. The theme can also cost you between $30 and $80, and add around $15 and $50 for plugins. The domain name is another $10-$12 a year, so an investment in WordPress can make you pay between $139 and $200 or more.


The right choice in Squarespace vs WordPress depends on you. If you’re tech savvy, then you can customize your own WordPress space and manage with the support you have. However, if you can’t manage on your own, Squarespace offers expert advice and support.

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Author: Amanda Knowles