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2 Social Media Policy Template Options for Inspiration

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Every business who uses social media should create a social media policy that ensures everyone is aware of the guidelines they have to follow when posting on social media. This way, your business, your employees, and your customers will be safe. If you’ve never had a social media policy before, it can be quite confusing to create one. Which is why we decided to provide you with 2 social media policy template options that can inspire you to create your own.

2 Social Media Policy Template Options to Look at for Inspiration



This part explains what the policy is all about. Mention that employees will find here guidelines to help them use social media at work.


Next comes the purpose of the policy and why you chose to create one. Include safety reasons and how you want to protect the reputation of the company.


In this part, you should include the fact that all employees who use social media at work have to respect the policy. Moreover, say exactly what you mean by social media, so which platforms are included in the policy.

General Guidelines

This part includes some basic rules, such as correcting mistakes, looking out for security threats, review content before posting it, and so on.

Using the Company’s Accounts

Mention that only people who are authorized to do so can use the company’s accounts. Moreover, include the goals and the purpose of these accounts and some guidelines as to how employees can meet them.

Using Personal Accounts

You should allow your employees to use their personal social media accounts at work, as long as they follow a set of rules. Mention what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.


Here, you should include things that employees are not allowed to do under any circumstances, such as engage in illegal activities, distributing defamatory materials, harassing people, spamming, and so on.


Finally, the last section of your social media policy should relate to its enforcement. Write about what happens when someone violates the policy. Moreover, mention that you’re going to monitor how your employees use social media at work.


Guiding Statement

Similar to an introduction, the guiding statement introduces the policy. It mentions its purpose and what kind of benefits it will bring to the company and its employees.


This part includes the social media rules for employees. Some examples would be using disclaimers, respecting intellectual property, adhering to copyright standards, not disclosing personal and confidential information, and more.

Positive Examples

Even though it might seem out of the ordinary, providing your employees with a couple of examples of how to successfully use social media might help them understand what you expect from them better.


This last part is the one where the employee has to sign his or her name after having read the policy carefully. By signing the social media agreement for employees, the employee shows he/she has understood the policy and agrees to respect it.

We hope these two social media policy template options will prove helpful whenever you want to create your own and regulate the way social media is used in your company.

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Author: Amanda Knowles