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5 Social Media Influencers You Need to Follow

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Social media has become a very powerful tool to use these days. Nobody questions anymore the power Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have over the online environment. Other social media platforms are useful as well, and those who know how to take advantage of it are one step ahead. Let’s have a look at some social media influencers you need to follow:

Social Media Influencers You Should Follow for Inspiration

1. Jake Paul

Jake Paul is one of the youngest social media influencers out there. He is only 20 years old and he already has more than 17 million followers on social media. Paul started off by posting videos on Vine and then he reached YouTube, Instagram, Musically and other platforms. He gained more than 4 billion followers and this helped him launch his acting career. Paul is also the founder of TeamDom.

2. Shaun McBride

Wearing the nickname Shonduras, after his Twitter ID, Shaun McBride is probably the first that sealed a partnership with a corporation to deliver a sponsored Snapchat story. Disney noticed his potential and worked with him to market their parks. Shonduras rose to fame quickly through Snapchat. Now he is trying to push digital content more and more.

3. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the most popular social media influencers you need to know about. He is the co-founder of Hello Bar, Crazy Egg, and other companies. At the same time, he is a writer for the New York Times and an investor. He knows a lot about content marketing, social media marketing or paid traffic, so he knows how to make some profit. Neil Patel’s blog is an important resource for anything that is marketing-related.

4. Virginia Salas Kastilio

She is the one to own a consulting firm that works with the best Snapchat influencers all around the world. She is a model for all of us, having started from scratch and not having a degree at all. Yet, she managed more than $1 billion for Oracle and Apple. Now Virginia Salas Kastilio helps brands such as SoulPancake, BBC or NASDAQ. She even has an online school called Snap and Stream.

5. Furious Pete

Having survived anorexia and cancer, Furious Pete has gathered round more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube. He has a daily vlog where he brings us his thoughts on life, eating challenges, training sessions, and other interesting stuff. He is truly a marketing machine, working on various television shows, several brands, training routines and his own line of supplements and apparel.


All these social media influencers do a great job of taking advantage of all that social media has to offer. It’s not easy to gather up billions of followers and subscribers, which is why you should have a look at these people. They can truly inspire you, not only with some motivation but also with some concrete techniques and strategies. By learning how to become a social media influencer from them, you can grow your own website or company, and maybe even reach astounding results like they did.

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Author: Amanda Knowles