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Social Media for Dummies: The Essentials

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Social media has a well-defined place in our everyday lives, becoming part of our routine. Even if some people use Facebook to stay in touch with old friends or LinkedIn to connect with co-workers or potential employers, they will allocate a certain timespan to check their profiles every day. When searching for more fun, people are likely to check Tumblr or Reddit to see the latest memes.

However, people who are new on social media might find it difficult to adapt to the use of different sites. In what follows, we will provide a ‘social media for dummies’ guide to help you get the best experience with your favorite social media websites.

Social Media for Dummies

Facebook for Dummies

Facebook has approximately 900 million users at the global level. If you are a newbie when it comes to using Facebook, it is worth learning about all its different aspects once and for all. Furthermore, it is important to learn about all its policies and main features. First, it is crucial to complete your timeline, namely your personal profile, before starting to search for friends. Timeline encourages users to include as many details about themselves as possible.

After completing your timeline with the basic data, you should start searching for friends. Most likely, you will find numerous co-workers and friends in just a few minutes. When you connect with your friends, you will be able to find out more about their activities, tastes, whereabouts and latest news. The newsfeed is where you will be able to do all these.

Tumblr for Dummies

Tumblr represents a micro-blogging platform with millions of posts every day. Tumblr may be a great source of inspiration, or you may use it for communication or as a scrapbooking. After you register, you may use Tumblr to create original content, talking about your journeys or lifestyle. Furthermore, you can also use this site for curating. Tumblr may provide you a lot of interesting things like inspiring quotes, funny videos, all about fashion, music, film or art.

The logos of different social media sites in some circles

Social media websites can help you connect with old friends, find a new job and have fun, searching for video.

Twitter for Dummies

Twitter is a social media platform where users share their jokes, information, news, and thoughts. In this way, Twitter makes global communication very cheap. Usually, Twitter profiles are public, and everyone can see your posts. However, you also have the option to transform your profile into a private one. Twitter users follow each other to interact and communicate. You would need to get accustomed to certain abbreviations and hashtags to learn how to effectively communicate and understand other users’ tweets.

LinkedIn for Dummies

LinkedIn has a more professional nature compared to the rest of the social media sites above. This platform would help you connect with many recruiters, brands, and industries. First, you need to take care of your personal profile, listing your professional skills and job experience. Then, you will need to start a series of searches to find people you already know and press the “Connect” button. In this way, you add them to your network. After making some connections, you should try the “People You May Know” page.

Summing up

This social media for dummies guide can help you develop your account for various social media websites to connect with more people. You would not only learn the latest news about your friends, but you will also stay connected with potential employers. During the break, at school or work, you can check the latest memes for more fun.

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Author: Amanda Knowles