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SMART Goal Setting and How to Keep Practicing It

smart goal setting

We already know by now that establishing goals is a great way to make sure we are more productive and working towards the desired result. However, it is sometimes not enough to simply set goals, you have to set SMART goals. Why did we choose to capitalize that work? It is because it describes how your goals should be: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Today, we are going to talk about what we call SMART goal setting. We will tackle every one of the aforementioned characteristics and tell you more about how you can work on achieving it. Let’s begin! Be sure to get the free goal setting guide at the bottom of the page.

SMART Goal Setting

1. Specific

The first thing that should concern you when it comes to establishing your goals is how specific they are. It is extremely important to be as specific as you can when visualizing your goals. Otherwise, you might have difficulties going through with them. Consequently, let’s say your goal is to get hired as a professional photographer. Always answer questions related to who, where, what, when, why, and which. If you manage to get an overview of these characteristics and focus on some details of each of them, you are one step closer to accomplishing your goal.

2. Measurable

Whenever you start the process of working towards a goal, you have to keep in mind that every once in a while you should be able to measure your progress. Are you still on track with everything you set your mind to? Is there something that needs adjustment? Did you manage to reach any targets until now? Having a more concrete feel of your progress is oftentimes the thing that keeps you going when times get rough. So remember to formulate your goal in such a way as to be able to measure it when the time is right.

3. Attainable

Now, after you know what your goal is, you also have to think about the various ways in which you can attain it. Continuing with the example above, what does it take for you to become a professional photographer? Do you have to take any classes or get any certifications? What skills should you develop? If you start tackling these requirements, you will soon be able to see your goal getting closer. That is not because it has shrunk in any way. It is because you have developed and moved closer to it.

4. Realistic

We don’t think we have to tell you why you have to have realistic goals. What does it mean to be realistic, you ask? Well, in order for your goal to have this characteristic, you have to make sure you want to and can work towards it. Only one of these two requirements is not enough to achieve your goals. Even if your goal seems high to other people, if you are willing to give your best in the process and there isn’t any insurmountable obstacle in your path, then it is a realistic goal.

5. Timely

Finally, you should always have a time frame for your goals. Don’t allow too much time to pass because you might get unmotivated. At the same time, give yourself plenty of time to properly work for it. Whatever the time frame is, make sure you have one. Don’t leave anything to chance.

We are definitely inspired by the technique of SMART goal setting, and we hope you are too. Give it a try as soon as possible!

In addition to these SMART goal setting strategies, check out Brian Tracy’s website. He’s offering a 12-Step Goal Setting Guide.

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Author: Amanda Knowles