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4 Signs You’re an Extroverted Introvert (or Ambivert)

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Most people tend to put others and even themselves into one of the two following categories: introverts or extroverts. While there are people who are indeed clear introverts or extroverts, not everybody feels like they identify with one of these two categories. Could that be because they’re extroverted introverts (or ambiverts)? What’s an extroverted introvert, you ask? We’re going to answer this question in today’s article, by looking at 4 signs that point towards this category.

4 Signs You’re an Extroverted Introvert

1. You Enjoy Socializing as Long as You Get Some Alone Time as Well

As an extroverted introvert, you enjoy talking to people, hanging out, meeting new people, and so on. Still, that doesn’t mean you don’t need a break from all the socializing as well. Interacting with too many people for too long is going to drain your energy. At that point, you’ll feel the need to spend some time alone and recharge your batteries. One of the things people don’t understand is that the reason you want to be alone isn’t that you didn’t enjoy their company, but that you need to balance things in order to feel entirely comfortable.

2. You Can’t Decide Between Going Out and Staying at Home

One of the most difficult decisions an extroverted introvert has to make is whether he or she should go out and interact with people or stay at home and have a quiet night in by themselves. Which is why oftentimes, they tend to change their mind and cancel plans at the last minute. This is surely annoying to some people, but those people don’t fully understand how strongly the desire to be alone can overwhelm extroverted introverts.

3. You Don’t Usually Keep in Touch with That Many People

Let’s say you went to a party where you met some new people and had a really great time with them. While in this situation, extroverts may want to keep in touch with those people and hang out some more in the future, you’re perfectly comfortable with the idea of never seeing them again. It’s not that you dislike them, you simply find it difficult to make the effort to connect on a deeper level. Since extroverted introverts aren’t fans of superficial relationships, they’d never fuel one that hasn’t been extremely promising from the very beginning.

4. You Like Listening to People and You Ask Lots of Questions

Extroverted introverts are great listeners. There are two reasons why they like listening to other people. The first one is that they feel much more connected to them this way. The second one is that this means they won’t be the ones doing the talking. A big part of this involves asking questions. That’s how you get people to open up and also learn more about them. Ultimately, this helps you realize whether or not this is a connection you’d like to keep.

What do you think, are you an extroverted introvert? For more signs that you’re actually an ambivert, take a look at the video below.

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Author: Amanda Knowles