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Unsatisfied With Your Current Job? Take This Should I Quit My Job Quiz

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Are you asking yourself often how to quit your job? Do you think you can do more than this? Quitting your job is not an easy decision. For this reason, today we come to your help with a useful should I Quit My Job quiz.

Should I Quit My Job Quiz

Before taking the quiz, prepare a pen and some paper. Write down every time you answer with a ‘yes’ or with a ‘no’.

  1. Do you love going to work?
  2. Would you say you are extremely stressed at work, even on days that aren’t so busy?
  3. Do you find yourself often complaining about your job to friends or family?
  4. Can you afford to quit?
  5. Did your boss ever mention that they want to fire you?
  6. Did you try and fail to advance at your current work place?
  7. Do you happen to fight often with your coworkers?
  8. Do you often cancel meetings or plans with friends because you have to work overtime?
  9. Even when you’re at home, you keep thinking about problems that arise at work and how to solve them?
  10. Is the road to work long, stressful or tiring?
  11. Have you ever been discriminated at work?
  12. Is the company showing signs that it’s declining?
  13. Are other people in your office quitting?
  14. Did you check for another job?
  15. Do you have enough savings to live from for at least six months if you quit?
  16. Are your skills in high demand now?
  17. Does your job interfere with your personal growth?
  18. Are you often bored at work?
  19. Do you think your skills should be more appreciated?
  20. Is the salary satisfying?
  21. Do you identify yourself with the company’s goals and ethics?
  22. Do you often find yourself fantasizing about working in a different field?
  23. Is it too easy for you to do the tasks you are assigned daily?
  24. Did your appearance and health situation change for the worse since you work here?
  25. Have you ever taken a sick day off just because you didn’t want to come to work that day?
  26. When you go to work, you would want anything to happen just so that you won’t arrive there?
  27. Even though you brush it off, the idea of resigning comes again to your mind?
  28. The idea of you quitting makes you feel happy?
  29. Are you also interested in a different field?
  30. Do you have any other passions or hobbies?

Test Results

More than 12 “yes” answers

It’s totally time to quit your job! If you’ve said yes to more than half of the questions of this Should I Quit My Job quiz, then it’s a clear sign you are unsatisfied with your current job. Taken separately, all these issues may not seem important, but in the end, they all make you unhappy. However, before jumping to writing your resignation, make sure you have a backup plan: either significant savings or another job.

More than 12 “no” answers

Clearly, don’t quit your job! Obviously, there are some things that bother you, but not so much as to quit altogether. Meanwhile, try to improve the things you don’t like. Alternatively, you could try to talk to your bosses and see how you could be happier at work.

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Author: Amanda Knowles