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7 Self Empowerment Quotes from Famous People to Motivate You

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Everyone has times when they feel powerless and discouraged. When we have these feelings, it can be difficult to see the positive aspects of life. Use these self empowerment quotes to inspire you to take charge of your own destiny.

This quote reminds us to take charge of ourselves. Blaming others for our problems is not helpful. This will lead to a life where we are constantly qu​​​​​estioning ourselves.

​People often allow their fears to get the best of them. Fear causes us to lose perspective on life and prevents us from seeing the truth in life. We are loved more than we think we are.

​When we focus too much on competition, we forget to allow others’ positive contribution to our lives. For self-confidence, it is better to foster our connections to others.

​It is important to let go of negative influences on our lives. When we allow negative people too much influence, their poisonous worldview can infect us.

​It’s important to have persistence when dealing with life’s challenges. When we are flexible, we can bend to the forces around us rather than constantly fighting against them.

​No one can change the past, but anyone can change the future. When we spend too much time dwelling on past heartbreak and mistakes, we close ourselves off to the power of change.

​Taking charge of the direction of your life will produce positive results. Don’t allow yourself to be boxed in by others’ expectations.

Keep these self empowerment quotes in mind when life is difficult and when you are feeling negative. Take advantage of the strategies in these quotes and use them to bring peace and success to your life.

Author: Amanda Knowles