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Is Self-Deprecating Humor a Call for Help? Find the Balance

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Out of the myriad of types of humor out there, self-deprecating humor seems to be getting more and more attention lately. If you are able to make fun of yourself, it proves that you are a relaxed and confident person that does not mind people seeing the less appealing sides of you. At least this is what a lot of people think. But how true is that really? Are we actually self-sabotaging and putting ourselves down when we practice self-deprecating humor? How much is enough? Today, we are going to find this out together.

Self-Deprecating Humor – Where Do You Draw the Line?

Are You Undermining Your Abilities and Putting Forth Low Self-Esteem?

In places where people expect you to feel overly confident and arrogant, using self-deprecating humor can be a good way of showing them that you are their equal and you don’t consider yourself better than them. However, if you use this type of humor when you actually have to stand out from the crowd, such as when you are at work and your superiors want to offer you a promotion, self-deprecation can work against you. People might think you have low self-esteem and don’t trust your abilities. Which will make them lose trust in you as well and ask themselves whether you are actually the person for the job or not.

Are You Using False Humility?

Those people who are authentic in how they present themselves to the world are more likely to appeal to people. Even if they use self-deprecating humor. If you are capable of seeing the humor in how you act and think, people will pick up on that. However, they will also pick up on you using self-deprecating humor just to gain some attention. False humility is not something that people are blind to. So if this is your strategy, you should think about how it affects your brand.

Are You Starting to Regard Self-Deprecating Humor as the Truth?

Perhaps one of the most dangerous traps that we can fall into while using self-deprecating humor is starting to believe that what we’re saying about ourselves is actually true. There’s a big difference between being able to make fun of yourself every once in a while and crushing your spirit and ego by attacking it on a daily basis and internalizing all those negative thoughts and ideas. Remember that if you start taking your own words for granted you might find yourself struggling with low self-esteem. Consequently, you will become incapable of finding anything in yourself worth appreciating.

So if you are going to practice self-deprecating humor, always be aware that you have to find a balance between being overly confident and not confident enough. It can be very hard to do that. Especially since many people like hearing this kind of humor and enjoy seeing people put themselves down. However, pleasing others should not be your priority. Self-deprecating humor is indeed funny and it shows us that everybody has their flaws that they should acknowledge and embrace. The trick is to avoid extremes and keep yourself grounded.

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Author: Amanda Knowles